EHS Responsible

février 24, 2023
Application ends: mai 25, 2023

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Job Description


  • Coordinate the required and preventive EHS activities and provide EHS expertise, advice and support to all project stakeholders.
  • Support project service delivery responsible with EHS expertise to develop effective OHS Project Safety Plan(s) and OHS Site Safety Plan(s). Ensure that OHS Safety Plan is prepared, approved by CPM and subsequently implemented whilst regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Advise project service delivery responsible and support to edit and include EHS risks in project risk analysis & mitigation plan at TG2. Update throughout project with any risks which may adversely affect the health, and comfort of people at work and impact the environment using the Environmental Project Risk Assessment.
  • Produce generic and site-specific Risk Assessments.
  • Compile and follow-up EHS project targets and KPIs.
  • Report regularly the project EHS performance to decided CU EHS governance meetings.
  • Drive the global and local EHS improvement programs decided by MELA EHS Board and CUs requirements, at project level.
  • Promote EHS site event reporting (near-misses, risk and positive observations).
  • Manage project incident reporting, analysis and actions. Follow-up incident occurrences and initiate or carry out investigations as and when necessary.
  • Support Ericsson CU EHS Team, as necessary.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Any qualification(s), certification(s) and/or training(s) for that type of role as specified by local regulation(s).
  • Technical qualification or degree, and/or recognized EHS qualification degree, diploma or certificate.
  • At least two years of experience working in project and/or service delivery, contractor monitoring and control, field activities or other project Services.
  • Valid Driving licence.
  • Good knowledge of Local EHS regulation.
  • Good knowledge of Integrated Management System.
  • Technical expertise on high risk activities (e.g. climbing, lifting, electrical work, civil work, scaffolds, radiation).
  • Self-motivated with the ability to organize & prioritize a workload that will be subject to change with little or no warning. Must be able manage own time and where required work alone and as part of a team.
  • Good communication – liaising with all contractors and internal customers to set up a process for receiving weekly whereabouts schedules. Listens to others views and provides clear and concise responses.