EHS Leader

juillet 8, 2022
Application ends: octobre 8, 2022
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Job Description

Essential Responsibilities
• Review the Project EHS Plan and site procedures at mobilization and develop updates when needed.
• Coordinate the site EHS programs and assist the Site Manager, Supervisors and Subcontractors in implementing it
• Ensure the site has identified all applicable legislation or standards, and ensure he/she understands the requirements, to achieve compliance.
• Advise the management of Client/Subcontractor of unsafe acts/conditions observed on the project site for prompt corrective action to eliminate the unsafe act/condition.
• Ensure that risk assessments are communicated to anyone who is involved or could be affected by the task, before the task begins.
• Take action to stop unsafe acts or conditions, before they result in an injury or incident.
• Conduct regular documented EHS Inspections.
• Conduct EHS inductions and assist the Contractor/Subcontractor’s EHS representative with conducting EHS inductions for all construction personnel and visitors reporting to the project site.
• Drive “Toolbox” safety talks, Safety Meetings, etc.
• Ensure Sub Contractors hold weekly EHS meetings and “Toolbox” safety talks.
• Manage any on site incidents/accidents to ensure the required actions are implemented expediently and assist with conducting accident/incident investigations.
• Liaise with Subcontractors, insurance representatives, local medical services, local fire and police departments, local regulatory agencies, and Customer/Client on EHS related matters.
• Manage any site inspections carried out by regulatory agencies, following the instructions in the site EHS Plan, including immediate notification to the Project EHS Manager.
• Verify that the client and each Subcontractor is providing adequate and proper record keeping as required by local regulatory agencies and the project EHS Plan, maintaining documentation of EHS training, EHS audits and inspections and occupational safety and health monitoring activities.
• Regularly review the sites Emergency Plan, ensuring all required materials and equipment is in place, where required it is tested, and the persons required to use it are trained.
• Either take the role of emergency event coordinator or ensure a suitably trained and competent person and deputy are appointed to this role.
• Ensure Emergency drills are carried out at least quarterly; these may be focused on specific events, rather than a full site evacuation each quarter.
• Manage the retention of the EHS required documentation in the Site EHS files and in Gensuite/Unifier.
• Oversee the management of PPE for staff and visitors on site.
• Ensure that all storage and shipping is managed by competent, where required trained persons, and that required records are maintained.
• Identify best management practices that may be of use to other sites and communicate these to the Project EHS Manager.
Desired Characteristics
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to read, analyze safety regulations, and make application to an industrial workplace
• Proven functional computer knowledge in utilizing Microsoft Windows and Office applications (i.e. Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
• Ability to perform in a fast paced environment and make quick and sound decisions in emergency response situations
• Ability to effectively communicate in writing and verbally to a diverse group of employees
• Strong organizational skills
• Degree/Diploma qualified in Environment, Health & Safety (or equivalent)
• 5 years of EHS experience in projects and/or services activities
• Fluent in English language (this can be edit depending to he region or size of project)
• Locally or internationally recognized professional EHS qualification