Document Manager

avril 11, 2023
Application ends: juillet 10, 2023

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Job Description


  • Builds and trains a document management team to manage and appraise the team.
  • Develops document delivery management resource plan, and promote the implementation of resources.
  • Formulates project document management regulations to promote the implementation of the regulations.
  • Organizes each delivery business sub-team to formulate and confirm the project document delivery plan with the customer, including the document list, template, approval process, naming rules, format, and delivery platform.
  • Establishes project document submission, approval, tracking, control, acceptance, appraisal, and reporting mechanisms to continuously improve the timeliness and completeness of project document delivery and ensure that document delivery meets acceptance and payment collection requirements.
  • Builds a project document library and a paper archive room, and formulates management standards.
  • Promotes the implementation of the application of the EPMS document module.
  • Organizes and implements document management training for the project team and subcontractors.
  • Communicates with customers and subcontractors about document delivery management matters to improve document delivery customer satisfaction.
  • Establishes the document management process and regulations.
  • Builds directories on the document server, monitors the document management of the project team, and saves paper documents.
  • Takes charge of document management training and publicity.