Data Center Engineer

juillet 28, 2022
Application ends: octobre 28, 2022
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Job Description

Duties and responsibilities
1. ‘ Complete Site surveys, and gathering customer technical needs and pain points
2.  Perform HLD and LLD Datacenter facilities, and get approval from customer
3.  Subcontractors selection
4.  Establish project BoQ equipment and service, to customer and to subcontractors
5.  Management and Quality Control, on site of datacenter facilities integration
6.  Perform datacenter facilities commissioning and acceptance with customer
7.  Perform presentations to customers and lead Datacenter workshops
8. Cooperate with subconctractors and radio team for acceptance and SSV;

Particular combination of skills:
– 3 years and above telecom Datacenter delivery or maintenance experience
– Have good knowledge about ICT Datacenter solution (DG/UPS/fire fighting system/monitoring system/cooling system )
Professional Knowledge:
1-Master Datacenter facility power solutions: Low voltage electrical distribution, grounding systems, Transformers, UPS, Rectifier, Batteries, Diesel Generators
2-Master Datacenter facility cooling solution: Precision air conditionning, direct expansion, chillers, CRAC, CRAH, Extraction and fresh air, etc…
3-Master Datacenter designs topologies, preferabely UPTIME INSTITUTE TIER standards
4-Good knowledge of DCIM solutions for Datacenter facility monitoring
5-Good knowledge of firefighting solutions, acces control system, CCTV,…
Business Skill:
1-Master AutoCad is a must
2-Master M.S office, Excel is a must
3-Good Project management skills
4-Good communication especially with customer
5-Customer centric
6-Good organization
7-Fluent in Arabic, French, and english