CSS Well Performance Service

janvier 16, 2023
Application ends: avril 16, 2023

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Job Description

Tâches à réaliser

The main objective of the service provider in the R&D CCS Program is to guarantee the robustness of the injection profiles of CO2 projects

Specific to this service the main objectives are as follows:

1. Monitoring the PVT data acquisition & development of CO2 fluid models (model with pure CO2 & CO2 with impurities). Test & recommend the level of integration in the various well models (Ledaflow, Olga) or reservoir flow models (GEM, IX, EclipseE300, TPP).
2. Develop & testing of the simulation coupling between well & reservoir models in Steady State. Perform matching, design & testing for various scenarios
3. Improve the representation of near-well flows during transient phases of shutdown, restart or loss of control at the wellhead (coupling between well models and reservoir models).
4. Preparation of testing scenarios for a flow qualification pilot and design of completion equipment
5. Regular co-ordination with CCUS projects team (Customer Line), technical team (Technical Line) & Flow Assurance R&D,
Despite a strong focus on CO2 Thermodynamics & well/Reservoir coupling for this service, there is a plethora of CO2 Well Performance related themes that are studied & developed. It would be expected that the service provider would contribute to the development of existing & new initiatives such as:
• Experimental observations, measurements & mitigations of CO2 Hydrates
• Improve the understanding and the ability to represent the mechanisms associated with the entry of CO2 fluid into the reservoir, creation of hydrate, precipitation of salts, thermal fracturing of the rock likely to affect the flow.
• Reservoir Surface Coupling using complex operating optimization
• Development of demonstration cases using new integrated multi-physics softwares (GEOSX)
Beyond the technical aspects of the service, the following is expected:
• Participate in regular team meetings & brainstorming exercises.
• Ensure quality internal reporting (technical reports, annual reports)
• Ensure a technological watch and identify the positioning of the Group in relation to its main competitors.
• Stimulate innovation and involve internal and external experts or specialists.
• Contribute to the representation of the Group in major international bodies (publications).
• Weekly / Monthly activity reporting
• Regular MoM
• Documented workflows
• Final Study Reports
• Participation to congresses & publications to scientific journals
Prérequis Techniques

• Advanced expertise in Petroleum Engineering
• The languages of the service will be English and French
• Expertise in Flow Assurance Software (Ledaflow, Olga)
• Expertise in Reservoir Simulation Packages (Eclipse, IX, GEM, TPP)
• Expertise in basic coding in Python, Matlab, VBA, C++