Civil Works Engineer

novembre 8, 2022
Application ends: février 8, 2023

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Job Description

1.Typical rooftop site

-Wall mounted pole with foundation
-Freestanding tripod pole with foundation
-Equipment room fit-outs
-Outdoor cabling
-Grounding system
-Shelter and generator with foundation (if applicable)
-Typical self support tower site
-Self support tower including reinforced concrete foundation
-Fall arrest system
-Shelter and generator with foundation
-Grounding system
-Fence (if applicable)
-Solar power system (if applicable)

2.Civil Works Supervision:

-The civil works field engineer is responsible for the validation of suitable site selections
-during the site selection process. Supervise the mobilization of each telecommunication
-site location, handle the issuance of telecoms materials and supervise the deployment of
-the site in accordance with the approved designs. The civil works field engineer ensures
-that the sites are of the highest quality and maintained in accordance with the MSI

3.Site supervision includes:
-Travelling to multiple site locations all over the governorate
-Locating the site
-Establishment of site boundaries
-Establishment of benchmarks
-Tower foundation inspection
-Supervision of concrete pouring
-Supervision of construction tests
-Checking tower verticality, torque and painting.
-Supervision of telecoms installation
-Supervision of power connection
-Quality checks
-Pre-acceptance inspections
-Constant customer interaction and coordination
-Resource Responsibilities

The general resource responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to the following tasks:

-The resource shall attend all site inspection points as required by the project.
-The resource shall be able to travel in various locations all throughout the Sultanate
-The resource shall carry appropriate identification and security clearance in order to gain access to the ROP facilities and support systems.
-The resource shall follow MSI’s management processes.
-The resource shall comply with MSI’s policy on Security and Privacy Protection.
-There source shall comply with MSI’s policy on Health, Safety and Environment
-The resource shall comply with the laws and regulation of the country and local area, and safety management regulations of MSI and ROP.