Agent d’Intervention

juillet 18, 2023
Application ends: octobre 16, 2023

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Job Description


  • Intervene immediately, in accordance with pre-established techniques and plans during the fire,
  • rescue and first aid.
  • Maintain materials, equipment’s and response facilities.
  • Monitor hazardous work.
  • Participate in training and periodic simulation exercises.
  • Apply the safety instructions.
  • Apply HSE rules and guidelines.
  • Supervise hazardous work,
  • Participate in training and periodic simulation exercises.
  • Perform maintenance of fixed and mobile intervention equipment.
  • Participate in all real and simulated intervention drill.
  • Follow and participate in exercises and on-site training cycles.
  • Learn how to use the means of intervention at his disposal.
  • Stand ready to intervene at any time of its presence on site.
  • Perform maintenance of fixed and mobile intervention equipment using firefighting and rescue equipment’s
  • Inspecting fixed and mobile fire equipment’s (monitor lance, fire hydrant).
  • Assist weekly inspection of fire pumps (joket, Elec, diesel).
  • Inspecting building for fire safety and enforcing safety standards.
  • Performing practice drills (evacuation, fire gas, oil, extinguishing).
  • Fire extinguishers inspection.
  • Assists take off, landing planes air strip .

Candidate Requirements:

  • Experience with Firefighting Team or Intervention Team is mandatory.
  • Minimum of 05 years of experience in firefighting operations.
  • Knowledge of local regulations, international standards, and industry best practices related to fire safety and emergency response.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with employees, emergency response services.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Drive and operate fire trucks pump.
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus using SCBA.
  • First aid Training.
  • Ropes rescue and work at height.