Pipeline & Layout Engineer

janvier 29, 2024
Application ends: mars 29, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities :

  • Prepares and suggests technical content of essential studies to initiate EPC contractor action and
    conformity with state
    of the art in LNG plant design.
  • Supervises all subcontracted studies and provides support to other packages with the support of Head
  • Ensure Piping/Layout choices take into account constructability, operability and flexibility of the facilities
  • Proposes recommendations on technical deviation requests and keeps updated the documentation
    related to the
    Piping/Layout disciplines.
  • Participates to studies required by third parties as required.
  • Communicates and applies the H3SE policies of the COMPANY and ensure the engineering is developed
  • Ensures the correct implementation of Company rules and specifications (CR’s/ GS’s), Project
    specifications, relevant
    international standards and any applicable regulations requirements.
  • Leads the review of the CONTRACTOR’ key deliverables such as Piping/Layout studies consolidate
    comments from
    the other engineering disciplines and operations.
  • Provides technical assistance to the project for any technical audits (required by the banks and the
    companies or Board of Directors, PR…).
  • Participate, in coordination, with others to the Inspection and Tests Plans (ITP) and FAT preparation and
    To attend meetings / FATs with Vendors where necessary.
  • Reports potential impact on overall project strategy, planning and target achievement.
  • Promotes workshops with the HQ specialist and or contractor’s specialist in order to ensure COMPANY
    concepts and
    comments are well understood and quickly integrated in technical documents.
  • Guides CONTRACTOR main design selection in a Fit-for-Purpose approach in order to reach an optimized
    Accordingly, he promotes and follow until approval the deviation request to COMPANY requirements in
    the main time.
  • Ensures through efficient review the good respect of the applicable frame of reference.
  • Participates actively to proper interface management with Process, Safety, Electrical, Instrumentation…
    studies carried
    out during the EPSCC phase.
  • Reviews and comments the key technical documents of the interfacing disciplines such as Process,
    instrumentation, rotating machines … as well as project procedures, if required.
  • Participates to the Project HAZID, PR.
  • Provides its technical inputs to any contractual discussions with EPC Contractor.
  • Contributes to the development of the digital plant though the centric data management when
  • Participate to Vendors and in particular for LLIs technical evaluation.
  • Ensure design validity and coherence with other disciplines and throughout the LNG Facilities.