avril 24, 2024
Application ends: juin 24, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilitites :

  • Ensure that the implementation of Contractor HSSE practices is realized and in accordance with requirements lay down by Package Manager. 
  • Deliver robust contract management with hands on implementation and support to the Package Management. 
  • Monitor contract and Contractor performance and assess the effectiveness and application of the Contracts. 
  • Prepare and administer Contract correspondence with Contractors, in line with Package Manager and Project management team. 
  • Prepare the amendment to Contracts for Project Services Manager’s approval and Project Director’s approval. 
  • Deliver and manage contracts and cost management / value improvements targets. 
  • Study all justifications given by Contractors for any extra work orders or claim requests. 
  • Prepare any notice of Default for approval by Project Services/Package Manager. 
  • Prepare any Liquidated damages applications. 
  • Initiate the Contractors performance evaluation document. 
  • Inform Project control/Project Manager about any action, facts or decision which could be the base for Contractor’s potential claim. 
  • Follow up on Contractor’s Change Order or claims, preparing claim defense strategy and documents and preparing systematic answers to Contractors’ correspondence claim wise orientated. 
  • Administrate the Change Order process internally and with the Contractor (Scope alignment, CO control sheet, Internal Cost Estimate…). 
  • Act as focal point for the project with TTE internal department or bidder list validation/updates. 
  • Verify the final financial statement with support of the Package Manager for the final completion certificates validation before presenting it to the project service manager and Project Director for their review and approval. 
  • Maintain and develop the contracting knowledge, REX and market knowledge on contracting execution. 

Candidate requirements :

  • Timely manage the correspondence with Contractors. 
  • Timely manage, with the support of Package Manager, of the Change orders and claims with Contractors  
  • Implement the Contract management and change orders project procedures.