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mai 15, 2024
Application ends: juillet 15, 2024

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Job Description

Responsabilités :

  • Ensure compliance with the construction site organization defined by management.
  • Plan and coordinate interventions of various stakeholders and manage the distribution of human resources in collaboration with the Site Operator.
  • Communicate project progress to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure adherence to the construction schedule and propose remediation in case of delays.

Before Construction:

  • Consolidate execution schedules produced by various contractors into a comprehensive “construction site” plan in GANTT format, including logical links between work packages and integrating resource needs with the Operator.
  • Verify that the “construction site” schedule meets the objectives defined in the project phase, identifying any interface delays between lots.

During Construction:

  • Monitor construction site progress, synthesize information, analyze deviations, and propose action plans to correct delays.
  • Update the construction site schedule weekly based on progress.
  • Report and communicate construction site progress to all project stakeholders.
  • Ensure consistency of weekly DATs (work authorization requests) issued two weeks in advance by the work companies in relation to the latest construction site schedule.

Exigences du Candidat :

  • Proven experience in planning and managing renovation projects on SEVESO sites.
  • Strong organizational skills to ensure compliance with defined construction site organization.
  • Expertise in planning and coordinating multiple stakeholder interventions and resource distribution.
  • Excellent communication skills to keep all project stakeholders informed.
  • Proficiency in using GANTT format for planning and ensuring logical links between work packages.
  • Ability to monitor progress, analyze deviations, and propose effective action plans.
  • Experience in updating schedules and reporting progress on a weekly basis.
  • Detail-oriented to ensure consistency of work authorization requests with the construction site schedule.