Logistic Manager

avril 18, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Responsabilités :

  • Logistics Coordination: Coordinate with the site manager and local freight forwarders to ensure timely site deliveries. Inform the mainland logistics department about delivery schedules and requirements.
  • Equipment Reception and Handling: Supervise delivery and unloading tasks, ensuring proper handling of equipment. Assist in the handling and storage of crates on-site using a telescopic construction forklift.
  • Quality Control: Perform visual inspections of equipment and packaging upon receipt. Immediately report any damage or defects to the mainland logistics department.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Sign site delivery receipts and maintain accurate records of deliveries. Create and maintain a daily site delivery tracking table, submitting weekly reports to the mainland logistics department.
  • On-Site Storage Management: Plan storage locations for equipment before delivery and ensure proper positioning upon receipt. Maintain inventory records of incoming and outgoing stock of equipment stored on-site.
  • Supervision and Assistance: Supervise the provision of equipment on-site and assist in handling tasks as needed.
  • Invoice Verification: Verify and validate delivery invoices from local freight forwarders, collaborating with the mainland logistics department.

Exigences du Candidat :

  • Qualifications: Mandatory qualifications include a Driver’s License B, CACES 9 (R482-F), and construction site HSE rules training. Ideally, candidates should possess a Rigger qualification and a Class C driver’s license.
  • Technical Authorization: Candidates must hold the required authorizations of H0V B0V.
  • Language Skills: Proficiency in French and English is necessary for document handling and communication.
  • Expérience : Candidates should have previous experience in logistics coordination and equipment handling on construction sites. Familiarity with HSE rules and regulations in a construction environment is preferred.
  • Compétences : Strong organizational and multitasking abilities are essential. Excellent communication and teamwork skills are required, along with attention to detail and the ability to perform visual inspections effectively.
  • Availability: Candidates must have the flexibility to travel internationally as required for the assignment.
  • Other Requirements: Ability to work independently and as part of a team is crucial, along with a strong commitment to safety and adherence to protocols.