Interface Engineer 

juillet 9, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities :

  • Interface Coordination and Management:
    • Ensure all interfaces in engineering, construction, and commissioning are timely coordinated, planned, and managed between the packages.
    • Monitor progress of all engineering and construction interface points (IPs) and commissioning shared systems.
    • Facilitate dialogue between contractors and relevant entities when required.
    • Ensure all construction interface permits are in place and executed in compliance with the inter-dependence permit to work.
  • Site Safety and Supervision:
    • Conduct and document daily site safety visits.
    • Coordinate and supervise EPC Contractor IP planning and progress.
    • Support EPC Contractor activities related to interfaces between packages, with Project Management Team (PMT) project entities, under contract requirements.
  • Liaison and Reporting:
    • Maintain liaison with the Package Engineering Manager, Construction Manager, and Commissioning Manager.
    • Report to the Package Interface Manager.
    • Obtain and control EPCC weekly status reports.
    • Attend all EPCC package interface meetings (weekly, monthly, and unplanned), Package-to-Package interface meetings, and construction interface meetings.
    • Provide weekly EPC Contractor performance reports to the Package Interface Manager.
  • Follow-up and Compliance:
    • Expedite actions in interface meeting minutes, logs, punches, and close-outs.
    • Address field interface non-compliances.

Candidate Requirements :

  • Experience and Skills:
    • Proven experience in coordinating and managing engineering, construction, and commissioning interfaces.
    • Strong communication and facilitation skills to engage with contractors and various entities.
    • Ability to monitor progress and ensure timely execution of interface permits.
    • Experience in daily site safety visits and documentation.
    • Strong supervisory skills to coordinate EPC Contractor IP planning and progress.
  • Technical and Project Management:
    • Familiarity with EPC contract requirements and the responsibilities of project entities.
    • Experience in liaison and reporting to various project managers.
    • Ability to obtain and control weekly status reports and provide performance updates.
    • Strong organizational skills to attend and participate in multiple interface meetings.
  • Compliance and Safety:
    • Commitment to safety and environmental aspects of major construction projects.
    • Ability to expedite actions and address non-compliances.
    • Familiarity with project governance, general rules, and requirements (operational safety, administrative rules, code of conduct, etc.).
  • Additional Qualifications:
    • Understanding of the project HSE plan and sustainability roadmap.
    • Experience ensuring security related to confidentiality and intellectual property throughout project execution.
    • Participation in project and shareholder internal and external reviews and audits.