Fuel Gas Roadmap Support Engineer

mai 10, 2024
Application ends: juillet 10, 2024

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Job Description

Responsabilités :

  • Assist the fuel gas roadmap coordinator in organizing “Energy Efficiency Boost” portfolio monitoring meetings, consolidating must-dos and KPIs, and preparing long-term plans and budgetary exercises.
  • Conduct technological monitoring and active research on emission reduction techniques applicable to E&P activities.
  • Monitor and update the map of Fuel Gas initiatives regularly.
  • Create and contribute to updating communication materials summarizing subsidiary initiatives and describing E&P emissions reduction projects.

Exigences du Candidat :

  • Experience: 5-10 years of experience with a predominantly technical profile, focusing on processes and operations.
  • Education: General engineering degree or equivalent.
  • Essential qualities: Demonstrated commitment, autonomy, and effectiveness in team collaboration with multiple interfaces. Strong analytical and synthesis skills. Ability to work across functions, with attention to detail and rigor.