Drilling Supervisor

janvier 29, 2024
Application ends: mars 29, 2024

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Job Description


 Assist Senior Drilling Supervisors to ensure an efficient and safe drilling operations progress at well site
according to the issued drilling programme
 Supervise and ensure, under Senior Drilling Supervisor’s supervision, drilling operations on the rig site
including coring, liner and casing running, directional drilling, drilling fluids and cementing, material logistics
and handling, simultaneous drilling and production, rig moves, etc. to be performed in safe and efficient
manners at all times
 Assist Senior Drilling Supervisor on organizing, coordinating and supervising the service contractors work to
ensure a smooth and efficient operations progress
 Follow-up the plan for the material, equipment and personnel movement to the rig.
 Compile and summarize the drilling activities, problems and reports to Senior Drilling Supervisor for decision
 Assist Senior Drilling Supervisor on communicating with drilling contractor and other GHBR representatives in
emergency situation and/or when lives and properties are endangered including medical evacuation, weather
emergency situation, blow-out emergency, etc.
 Attends to one “end of tour”, debriefing meeting in HMD office with Drilling Superintendent and Senior Drilling
 Prepare daily drilling report, performance tracking as required.

Candidate requirements :
 Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent.
 Minimum 7-year experience onshore drilling operations with minimum5-year experience in the role of a Drilling
 Experience in Algeria onshore drilling operation.
 Experience in exploration,appraisal, and development well operations.  Exposure to completion and workover.
 Knowledge of Operational planning, Preventive maintenance planning, Coordination among relevant
departments and contractors
 Commitment and passion for managing HSE
 Fluent English, French or Arabic is required, good communication skills
 Good computer skills (MS Office: Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Outlook)
 Have certificates in well control (IWCF leve4)
 Knwoledge and experience in handling the most frequent drilling problems (stuck pipe, well control …)
 Knowledge of well site operations to supervise drilling, completion and fluids/cement programs execution.