Contract Engineer

décembre 12, 2023
Application ends: mars 12, 2024

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Job Description


  • The service provider will be working within the AGUP Ph2 PCM/HR service.
  • His/her main duty will be to launch the CFT for all TAS contract services for the AGUP Ph2 project, to administrate all TAS contract and to support the HR lead in all its activities.
  • The mobilization of TAS contract personnel will be done according to the Manpower Plan requirement, updated with the input from all managers and under the responsibility of the HR service.
  • The TAS contract engineer will work according to the TEEPRH C&P procedures.
  • The role of the provider will be to:
    • Anticipate and collect all necessary documents for each future RFP (PRE-LAUNCH PHASE)
    • Issuance of the Agup Ph2 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL to the TEEPRH affiliate qualified TAS CONTRACTOR (LAUNCH PHASE).
    • Classify all the commercial and technical proposals received (COLLECT PHASE)
    • Follow up the technical proposal evaluation with the CPY Representative in charge (EVALUATION PHASE)
    • Perform a commercial evaluation and clarify with TAS CONTRACTOR if necessary (EVALUATION PHASE)
    • Prepare all RTA documentations according to the TEEPRH C&P procedure in order to award the contract.
    • Close the RFP, collect and archive all necessary documents in the dedicated folder for all the phases (AWARD PHASE)
    • Acknowledge all the people involved in the mobilization process with the information and documentation required.
    • Assist the Team Leader for maintaining updated KPI and TAS dashboards requested by HR Management
    • In charge to send an extract provided by Agup Ph2 HR of the potential need of three additional months to the CTR .
    • In charge of assisting the HR Lead for all correspondences with the CONTRACTOR (early termination, clarification, etc.), update the table and maintain archive
    • Liaising with TEEPRH C&P affiliate to ensure best practices for contracting.
    • In charge to follow the due diligence process and maintain the updated table
    • Assist the HR lead for the preparation of extension of current Frame Agreement (if necessary)
    • Assist the HR lead for all activities required by the Agup Ph2 PCM/HR service.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Expertise in same or equivalent service, and in Project HR processes and TAS contract management.
  • Languages of the service: English & French.