Construction Engineer

juin 27, 2024
Application ends: août 27, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities :
  • Approve and monitor the approval of EXE documents related to the site (methods, phasing, etc.) in line with the work schedule.
  • Conduct site visits.
  • Manage or participate in site meetings with companies and draft the meeting minutes.
  • Supervise the organization and execution of the work.
  • Review internal or external controls at the Works Company, and alert the Company manager in the event of deviations (nature, frequency, presence of recording, etc.) or non-compliant results.
  • Coordinate the execution of external “PA/PC” controls.
  • Validate test results.
  • Participate in the processing of adaptations and non-conformities.
  • Assist the Works Manager during the Operations Prior to Acceptance of the work.
  • Supervise and monitor the lifting of reservations issued during the Operations Prior to Acceptance.
  • Ensure consistency of interventions with other technical controls.
  • Report to the Market Manager on the implementation of actions and the conformity of the Company’s services.
Candidate Requirements :
  • Proven experience in approving and monitoring EXE documents related to site methods and phasing.
  • Ability to conduct thorough site visits.
  • Experience in managing and participating in site meetings with companies, including drafting meeting minutes.
  • Strong supervisory skills in organizing and executing work.
  • Expertise in reviewing internal and external controls at the Works Company and identifying deviations or non-compliant results.
  • Ability to coordinate external “PA/PC” controls.
  • Competence in validating test results.
  • Experience in processing adaptations and managing non-conformities.
  • Ability to assist the Works Manager during Operations Prior to Acceptance.
  • Experience in supervising and monitoring the lifting of reservations during Operations Prior to Acceptance.
  • Ability to ensure consistency of technical control interventions.
  • Strong reporting skills to update the Market Manager on action implementation and service conformity.
  • Reporting of project activities.
  • Meeting minutes from site meetings.
  • Deliverables listed in the MOE market (PMQSSE, CCTP, CCAP, etc.).