transmission planner

transmission planner

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  • Drive E2E from TX Network Design related activities,
  • Include link budgets analysis,
  •  Initial system design and dimensioning,
  • System dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic E2E backhaul analysis,
  • coverage sites backhaul planning, site identification, evaluation, NW planning, interference analysis and optimization using MW Planning tool(s).
  • NW optimization to meet design targets and Final NW acceptance with customer
  • Backhaul planning and TX analysis for Coverage and capacity sites,
  • Proposal for required backhaul capacity and existing link capacity upgrades or enhancement,
  • Network optimization to meet the acceptance target.
  • Represent and own routine customer meetings on RAN Tx Design
  • Provide Transmission network strategy and architecture planning, ensuring robustness, scalability, interoperability, and appropriate technology
  • Responsible for Final Acceptance of the network, to meet the requirements Tx backhaul capacity and KPI.
  • Engagement with Managed Services teams to plan and coordinate common activities and develop synergies leading towards common goals
  • In time completion of Tx design activities
  • Ensure Ericsson Quality is maintained in Tx designs
  • Co-ordinate pro-actively with Internal and external stakeholders
  • Microwave transmission network audit to understand current network topology, routing and capacity utilization 
  • Solution analysis to establish the viable capacity expansions option
  • Solution design, link budget verification, traffic

Résumé de l'annonce

  • Published on: 2018-12-09
  • Job Location: Kenya