Logistics Manager

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Service Supplier shall be accountable for:
 Supply chain service execution from handover to LC up to collect cash support.

Service Supplier shall be responsible for
 Supply chain service execution from supply chain kickoff to handover to Logistics.

 Coordinator and managing, guiding & monitoring supply chain service execution up to L900.

Service Supplier shall contribute: 
 To all supply chain tasks in daily business/order execution, e.g. constraints solving and escalation management.
 Towards the enhancement of overall quality of processes and guidelines.

Service Supplier shall prepare for order:
 Takes over from ALM and ensures master data availability and customer case materialized for ordering.

Service Supplier Shall Manages order (L*)
 Receives customer purchase order via BPOpen.
 Performs order sanity check using a checklist. In the case of missing, unclear or wrong information.

 Collaborates with SSM/TOCE and F&C to ensure order correctness.

 Classifies order by type: commodity (CG – LC) and complex (NSN – ALC). In case of complex order, updates Cover head and send acknowledgment report.
 Completes pre-order checklist. Collaborates with F&C, CPM, SSM/TOCE to ensure
order correctness.
 Coordinates ordering activities until collect cash (-L900), and in exceptional cases,
transactions for complex orders.
 Additional tasks upon ALM's request/delegation based on competence level incl.
performs last mile / DOP invoice verification, collects and documents SOX evidences,
performs stock take activities as per legal requirements, solves constraints and manages
 Manages guides and monitors supply chain service execution (work of LCs). Key User
tasks when nominated.

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  • Published on: 2019-05-08
  • Job Location: Algérie