Why Companies should use recruitment Agencies in 2022?


Why do many companies use recruitment Agencies? And why do yours needs too

The use of recruitment agencies is regularly increasing. You are probably wondering why this tendency is occurring and if it is something you need to look into. Here are how do recruitment agencies work, the top reasons we have been given by recruitment agencies users and situations where you should consider doing the same.

What is a recruitment agency?

In today’s competitive job market, landing the dream job is a hard task, but employment agencies can help. Meanwhile, employers often go to staffing agencies to help fill open positions as they just don’t have enough time to look through all of the applications that are sent. But what is the main role of a recruitment agency, and how can they help you and your company?Recruitment agencies are external firms that help to find suitable candidates for companies.They are tasked by employers to find the right person for vacant positions within their managements and organizations to save money, time and access the extended candidate that the company network cannot reach. A recruitment agency is much needed because finding employees can take a significant amount of time. Hiring the right person is a really important deal, and with the nowadays competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.

Why Do Companies Use Recruitment Agencies?

The top reasons employers need to use employment agencies involve the incapacity of the companies to realize expected growth.

Disadvantages of direct hiring

Yes! Bringing someone new on your payroll is a considerable risk and expense.The cost of hiring new employees is expensive and the cost of turnover is even more. You open yourself up to the risk of making a bad hire when you bring on a new employee, causing disruption to your team and the training process. Numerous of these risks can be mitigated by using recruitment agencies.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

When you hire through an employment agency you have the opportunity to “try” the employee before taking on the decision of employment. They become an employee of the agency that covers the payroll, new hire process, workers’ compensation, and benefits during their temporary work period. This allows you, as an employer, to focus on the more important parts of the onboarding process such as training and orientations, that really contribute to the long-term retention of different employees. Furthermore, it gives your businesses the opportunity to simply end the assignments when the employee is not a good fit for the position. All you need to do is to call the agency then they will take care of all the details, including finding that other employee for your company.

Growth problem

In order to grow as a company, it needs a suitable supply of qualified employees. With a lack of talented candidates at their disposal, companies are finding more and more difficulties to keep up with the competition with a lack of talented candidates at their disposal. The path to growth also comes with ups and downs A company may have a lot of projects at one point and later have slow periods mixed in. Unfortunately, companies can’t keep employees at the same rate when they are going through a downtime period, pushing them further from growth. Companies may be obliged to let some of the employees go even the best-qualified ones may move to other companies, leaving the company with a lack of candidates when the business again picks up. Hiring through a staffing agency helps protect both business and talented employees by making sure the employees have other positions available during a company’s slow time but also offering those employees a chance to return to that company once the business picks up. This allows the company to continue on its path of growth without starting over.

When Does It Make Sense To Use A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies aren’t the best answer for every business. However, they are a viable option for the majority. Here is some information you should look at to find out if employment agencies could help move your project to the next level.

You want a qualified network

Do you struggle with finding enough talent to keep your business running as efficiently as you want it to be? If you lack the resources to find the kind of talent you need, an employment agency could be the answer.

You have a sudden need for employees

If your business has urgently seen a need for more employees then you need to take a look at employment agencies. When your current employees feel overwhelmed and stressed, they aren’t productive enough and your business ends up suffering even more and more.

Your business is seasonal

Many businesses, such as tourists and those that have seasonal work,  need to have a full staff only during a specific part of the year. During the holiday season, others need to expand the number of employees. Whatever the nature of your company, if it is seasonal, hiring full-time staff year-round is counterintuitive. Working with an employment agency will get you the right employees for the time you need them, furthermore, you will not be wondering what to do with all those extra hands in the off-season.

You want an employee with specific skills

This comes most often when you have a special need or project that requires specific skills none of your current employees or aren’t proficient in. You can’t put the project on hold while a staff member gets trained. Yes! you could hire someone with this skill but after the special project is complete, what do you do with this person? Your third choice is to connect with a staffing agency that can send you an employee for the duration of the project. The last choice is a win-win situation for all involved.

You want to test candidates capabilities before committing

When you first hire someone, you believe it is going to work out but you can’t be certain. By going through a staffing agency, you get the opportunity to work with someone on a temporary basis to make sure they fit with what you envision for the position. You learn if their skills are as stated and if their personality and work ethic are on track with what you expect of employees.

You lack the time for the recruitment process

Filling a position the traditional way takes a lot of time. You have to place ads, go through resumes, conduct interviews, and track down references. Then comes the training process. You have a full schedule and may not have all that extra time to spare. The staffing agency can do this for you, freeing you to concentrate on running the rest of your business.

You need to cut recruitment costs

It costs a lot of money to run an HR department. Not only do you need staff and space but you also need to give benefits and think about things like insurance. This doesn’t even begin to get into the actual recruitment and hiring costs. A staffing agency can reduce those costs considerably. This helps even

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