Why and how get a job through a recruitment agency?


Looking for a job on your own can be an overwhelming process, especially when you spend months searching without any breakthroughs. Other than the fact that job search is a time-consuming and tiring process, it might even affect your motivation and your self-confidence. 

But what if you find someone to manage your job search on your behalf and help you get through with it successfully? Sounds great right? 

This is exactly what a recruitment agency does!  

As a matter of fact, if you choose to collaborate with a staffing firm like Pentabell, you’re in for a battle and the competition on the job market has to be on its toes! 

Why go through a recruitment agency to find a job? 

On the labor market, many job seekers refuse to work with a recruitment agency just because they believe that these firms are only meant to provide them with entry-level or temporary jobs. However, none of these statements are true. Staffing agencies provide candidates with a large variety of jobs, including permanent, entry-level, and executive-level ones. 

Meanwhile, when you sign up to work with a recruitment firm, you will be offered jobs that are adapted to your skills and experience. You can also find a variety of job vacancies on their websites, and it’s up to you to apply for the ones you want. There will be no more losing time searching and applying here and there since all you need will be capitalized in one place. 

Other than the time and effort savings, by working with a recruitment agency you will have access to job openings that are not advertised on public websites. So your chances of getting an exclusive, and perfect job are pretty much high. 

How do staffing agencies operate? 

The ultimate goal of a staffing agency is to match job seekers and employers, which basically makes them your partners in the job search. But before you start working with an employment agency, you must understand how they actually work. 

Just like any other company, your contact with a recruitment agency starts after submitting your resume or applying for one of their job openings. A recruiter will get in touch with you afterward for an interview. If you are a good fit for the position available, they will prepare you for the next steps, by helping you improve your CV, communication skills, and even your LinkedIn profile. 

In case your profile is not adapted to the opened position or the client’s needs, your CV will be kept in their database and you will get contacted by a recruiter when a new opportunity appears. 

As a specialized recruitment agency in Oil & Gas, Energy, It, Telecoms, and transportation, Pentabell provides you with personalized services to help you build your dream career and get an adapted job.

Tips to get the most out of a recruitment firm and land a good job

There is a lot of reason why job seekers go through a staffing agency, but the most important one is the expertise that these firms earn after working with different companies, from different sectors and industries. Here are the main tips to get the most of staffing a firm and landing the job you want. 

Think of it as a real interview 

The recruitment agency will definitely set up an interview with you in order to understand better your skills and experience. So just because the employment firm is an intermediary between you and the hiring company, doesn’t mean that it’s not a REAL job interview. As a matter of fact, it is! 

That’s why you need to dress up appropriately, show up on time, and get ready to answer all the questions properly. You might even get asked to pass a hard skills or a technical test. That’s why you need to get well prepared for the interview. 

Honesty is always the key 

When you get contacted by an employment agency, be honest about your career goals. Feel free to talk about the type of position you want (permanent or temporary), about your availability, and especially about your previous experiences. In case there is an employment gap on your CV, don’t hesitate to tell the recruiter interviewing you, he/she will help you figure out how to explain it to the recruiting firm. 

Stay opened to all suggestions 

If you are looking for a full-time position, and receive an offer for a temporary one, don’t refuse it immediately. Think about it, and try to give it a chance. It might help you develop useful skills for your next full-time job. 

Persistence and patience are a must 

When you apply for a job through a recruitment agency and don’t receive feedback quickly, don’t hesitate to follow up with the recruiter that contacted you.  You might not be a good fit for the job, but you will definitely be the perfect one for another position. Remind them of your interests and demonstrate your engagement but stay patient, sometimes it takes time. 

You can always say no 

In case you feel that the position is far from being a good fit for you, keep in mind that you can always say no. So just be honest with the recruiter and tell him the real reasons why you don’t find the job adapted to your profile. It will help them understand better your needs and provide you with better propositions in the future. 

Why choose Pentabell? 

At Pentabell we aim to create a one-to-one relationship with all of our consultants. A win-win, long-term relationship. We offer consultants all the support they need to succeed at their job hunt and build their dream career, along with customized, continuous monitoring. 

Pentabell is distinguished by the digitalization of its process. In fact, our company has its own search tools with a large database that helps match opportunities with job seekers, easily and perfectly.  Our aim is to facilitate the job search of any specialist in the Oil & Gas, Telecom, IT, Energy, or Transportation industries on one hand and provide companies operating in these same fields with the perfect candidates on the other hand. 

Either you are in Dubai, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lybia, Switzerland, or Saudi Arabia, feel free to nous contacter to benefit from our personalized recruitment and payroll services.

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  1. Alemu Beyene ashemo
    février 28, 2024

    Please I need a job jeneral labour job or dliver driver by G license

  2. Alemu Beyene ashemo
    février 28, 2024

    I need a job jeneral labour jobs and dliver and drive by G license

    • oumayma
      avril 2, 2024

      Hello 😊

      We have several interesting job offers on our website that could match your professional profile.


      You can also send us your application on this email address:

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      We remain at your disposal for any further information.

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