Tips for job search in the Coronavirus era


After the pandemic a growing number of companies have been moving toward a remote work style to prevent the spreading of the virus and guarantee the safety of their workers, consequently a big number of workers have been laid off or displaced.

This critical situation may make jobseekers wonder if they should keep sending their application or just assume that companies will no longer hire for the near future.

Experts are certainly predicting that the economic crisis will touch all the sectors, but this shouldn’t mean that candidates have to stop applying, in fact to face this situation candidates must keep networking and applying more than ever, while trying to get more certification and new skills.

Recruiting and talent acquisition experts insured that companies may not be hiring now since they are figuring out new ways to do work virtually but they will be hiring very soon, which means that candidates that keep networking, building strong relation-ships, getting more certification and improving their technical and soft skills will be privileged when companies will start to hire.

HR Department and manager are getting busy to prepare logistics and technical means for a full remote working force, so it may sound difficult to reach for companies in the first weeks, but this doesn’t mean that companies rebuilding their activity won’t need new workers, so it is better to keep working on your job search.

The following tips will help you better strengthen your job search process in the pandemic era.

  1. Think how urgent your search is. 

If you can afford to put your job search on hold, you may want to wait because it could be difficult to get noticed by a hiring manager in this period meanwhile focus on getting more skills, by following on line courses, getting certified and improving your technical skills.

In the other hand, if you are employed think of new ways to make your work more pleasant and bearable, think of improving your emotional intelligence and social skills while strengthening your network.

If you are not employed, don’t make high expectation about your next job and don’t dream about getting your dream job, because regarding the situation it may be a short-term job.

While some fields have been crushed by the pandemic situation, other industries are still hiring.

If you are unemployed and find yourself in a very difficult situation, consider looking here and there so you can find a job that will help you survive this crisis.

  1. Keep in touch. 

if you have lately received a good job offer, while your future company seems to be moving toward a remote work mode, you may nit hear from the hiring manager, in this case think of getting in touch with him/her and acknowledge that they may be so busy helping other staff members to get used to new setup.

In this case you should keep in touch, sending an email reminding them that you are looking forward to hearing new from the companies or to get your next mission.

This shows that you are caring and acknowledging that your organization is passing through extraordinary circumstances.

Show your thoughtful attitude by offering your help and showing your eagerness to help or assist others. The main idea is to connect with people on a human level.

If you have been connecting with someone of your network, you can send an email explaining that you want to reach out to them to see if there is anything you can do since they have been generous with you and you want to return the favor.

So, if you have some specific skill managing, or guiding team in a crisis time you can mention that, proposing that you have the ability to motivate people, make them feel connected while making sure they are attaining the objectives.

Networking is a key element in difficult times, and while you’re keeping in touch with other employees you are showing what type of employees you really are.

Other technics to stay top of mind in addition to emailing include establishing connection with hiring manager or your team manager or boss through LinkedIn, so if they post a status, comment on it, share it and show your interest by contributing to the conversation.

3.Get used to online networking. 

Since physical events will be postponed and cancelled for a while, you need to think of new ways to network, seek for online or virtual events to get the chance to talk and interact with other professional in your filed.

Search for professional groups on LinkedIn or Facebook, these two social networks offer a big range of options with specific groups in each sector.

So basically, if you are interested about marketing jobs you can join LinkedIn global marketing and communication expert group.

Join in the conversation, post comment, publish new posts and make yourself noticeable, just make sure to keep the conversation professional by adding insightful articles and posts to prove your expertise.

Keep practicing with one of your friends to prepare yourself for a virtual interview, make he/she asks you relevant question and give you his/her feedback on your answers.

Prepare your seat, materials and make sure the camera is getting your entire face, not just a part of it, once you master the technology invite professionals for virtual coffee.

4.Boost your skills. 

These difficult times are the perfect occasion to boost your qualification and improve your skills.

Analyze your future post job description by putting on a list every required skill and experience, then analyze whether or not you have those skills, or you have the skills but didn’t put it on a use for a long period.

Look to your list, your answers and decide which skills need to be brushed up, and which new ones needs to be inquired to make yourself the next perfect candidate when the markets open up again and start hiring.

For example, If you are applying for a post as a social media manager, a digital marketer, the job requirement may need google analytics or Hootsuite certifications. Being certified in both of these will make your application stand out.

Register yourself on online courses including MOOCs, Coursera, LinkedIn learning classes, EDX classes, google digital academy or free Microsoft tutorials.

There are classes in every field and sector including digital marketing, developing, data science, HR and accounting, taking languages courses may help you strengthen your position too.

When an economic recession happens, it is crucial to focus on positive sides, focus on what you control and make better by improving your skills, reinforcing your network and making yourself visible for HR professional and recruiters.

5.Gather Intel.

The pandemic situation is the perfect opportunity to have a glimpse at the corporate culture, so you can take note of how leaders take action in crisis time, how they treat their employees, encourages them …. Make sure to follow the company on its social network and watch media converting its internal and external events.

You can know if the company is adopting the remote work, what measures it is taking to encourage and support its workers in creative and distinctive ways.

Prepare a calendar and set up google alerts for companies you want to work for, and when you gat the chance to get in contact or start a conversation with the HR manager or a recruiter, show your that you understand the concerns the company have and the threat that it may face due to the pandemic situation.

This is the perfect opportunity to get use of the interviews, articles, and information you gathered about the company, to show how you understand the situation after that doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate the several ways you can help the company to achieve its goals.

6.Use the time to reflect. 

Candidates or jobseekers always jump on the first opportunity they encounter without considering what is the next step they will take after that.

So, the better thing to do is to take advantage of the slowing down market by getting a clear idea about what you want to do as a work (Be an employee, an independent consultant, a freelancer or an entrepreneur…) and what kind if title or job role you intend to get.

Think of creating a single document that lists your targeted industry, best companies in the field, job titles or anything specific you are looking for.

You must consider applying to any post that hits one or some of your criteria, have an open mind and a positive mindset and don’t limit yourself to one specific job. Think also of a list of the companies you want to work for and which person you can reach for to make yourself more visible for those companies.

Your future company may not have an opened role for you? but you can profit from your network to start making connection with your future colleagues.

Start thinking of your role more broadly and consider the possibility to pivot to another position that will make a full use of your skills and experience.

For example, you might have been occupying a marketing position but due to the economic slowdown your company may need to hire a profile in communication…so take advantage of the situation and propose to shift toward this post if you know that you have the required skills and qualification that will help you perform this job.


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