Pentabell Payroll Service launch

Pentabell Payroll Service launch

2021 – Pentabell France have proven, bespoke Payroll Solutions to enable British Companies to continue Trading seamlessly in the European Union.  We have efficient Employer of Record (EoR) Payroll Solutions for British Companies to have a base in France, within the European Union.

Pentabell France is part of a Group of International Companies, with 52 International Clients, of Global renown. Pentabell’s current Business stretches across 7 Industries, and we are Client driven, and we are highly reactive to Client requirements.

This Payroll Solution, plus the ability to identify the best Talent in the French Market, are key ways to enable British Companies to mitigate Customs issues in Dover, or indeed any other UK Border. Pentabell France is an enabler that can assist UK Companies to have a base in Europe, and from Paris, all of the European Markets are open to you.

Situated in the heart of Paris, with our Offices overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Pentabell France are ready to support British Companies wanting to safeguard their existing Markets within Europe, and to enable Business Growth within Europe.

For more details, please contact Matthew Birchley at:

Matthew Birchley


Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA)

Business Manager

Pentabell France

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