How to find a job with the help of a recruitment agency

How to find a job with the help of a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies: best jobseekers alley 

As a job seeker, you could have spent the last months looking for your next opportunity …but it seems like there is not a real match for you out there. The job search process can be exhausting and time-consuming for a lot of candidates. Wouldn’t it be great if someone can assist you or manage the job search process on your behalf? 

Here is where recruitment agencies come in. A big number of jobseekers try searching for a job on their own, but few know the impact of using recruitment agencies’ expertise to simplify and boost that job hunt. 

recruitment agency main role is to facilitate the job match by making employers and jobseeker come closer. 

For instance, Pentabell is a consulting and recruiting agency aiming to help candidates all over the world to find the opportunity they need, by bringing together employers and jobseeker and allowing each party to meet their needs.

In short recruitment agencies are the real key to unlock great job opportunities. 

1.     The way recruitment agencies work 

To facilitate your job search you must know how recruitments agencies work. In fact, these companies can be good partners and even an alley during your job hunt. They will not only connect you with potential employers but they have all the needed network and expertise to be your professional guide. 

Recruitment agencies can help you strengthen your resume, give you career advice and even help you to learn how to sell yourself to employers. 

When you submit your Cv or choose one of their opportunities, their recruitments teams will reach to you if there is a potential job opportunity that matches your profile. 

Recruiters or job hunters might also reach to you to fix a job interview in order to learn more about your career goals, motivations, and where you can fit into an organization for your current job. 

Once the job match is established and you have a fixed interview session with your future employer, recruiters can provide you with some relevant job interview tips and even help you negotiate your salary or compensation package. 

If you choose to work with a recruitment agency you will always have an expert who will follow you upon your application. 

During your collaboration with a staffing agency, you can choose a recruiter or a talent acquisition specialist with whom you can build a strong rapport. Spend some time with recruiters, ask them some questions to strengthen your relationship. For example, you can ask for how long have they been working for this company? How do they promote your resume and present it to the future employer. Get in touch with your previous colleagues to get some recommendations and ask them to refer you to recruiters. 

You can connect with more than one recruiter however don’t double submit your application for the same job this practice may harm your reputation and the recruiter’s one. Just make sure to choose a professional recruiter who is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable. 

A positive relationship with a recruiter is a two ways path. You need to build up your relationship over time. You can also facilitate the recruiter mission by making the basic effort like updating your CV, changing your cover letter, upgrading your LinkedIn profile and improving your digital presence. You must also be flexible by enlarging your circle of criteria for the new job and by doing some compromise during the interview. 

2.     Get the best out of a recruitment agency 

Many reasons explain why job seekers apply through a recruitment agency. One of them is that recruitment agencies can value the career path and experience of the candidate since they are working with several companies across different fields. 

As for companies they outsource their hiring process to recruitment agencies not only to facilitate the job hunting for job seekers but also because those agencies have exclusive access to opportunities that may not even be advertised on job boards. The good news is that recruitment agencies are free to use by candidates. 

Another advantage is related to the fact of letting job seekers get insights on the hiring requirements that may not be listed on the job advertisement. This information can help you get prepared for the job interview with your potential employer and double your chances to get selected. 

Finally, you need to be honest with the recruiter …never forget that you are talking to a professional. So you need to know what are you looking for in a job and ask a lot of questions. The more direct and honest you are, the better they understand your needs and help you to find the right job. 

In order to help the candidate find their dream job, Pentabell offers several opportunities across its four key industries including It & Telecom, Oil &Gas, energy and transport, and much more. 

3.     It’s time to start your job-hunt 

Many recruiters are ready to be contacted via LinkedIn or through recommendations. So don’t hesitate to reach out to them since they are always looking for future candidates. 

Head hunters, HR managers, and recruiters use LinkedIn groups to connect with potential candidates, so don’t forget to join industry associations and alumni groups to facilitate your contact with them. 

But before doing this as a candidate you have to improve your LinkedIn profile, update your information’s and strengthen your digital presence by being present, commenting, publishing, and showing your expertise in your field, you can also discover the best tips on How you can reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn? 

Finally, like many job seekers, you can feel lost and powerless during your job hunt process, but whenever needed you can always head to recruitment agencies to help you during your job search. 

Thanks to their expertise, huge network, and the number of opportunities across all the industries they are working in, recruitment agencies can be your best partner by helping you to value your application and empower your position, and getting the job of your dreams. 

Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to take off your professional career? 

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