Aiming to advance or boost your career during 2021, will require a well determined and strategic vision to stand out. It will also require a strong will, in order to prosper in a very insecure job market where nothing is clear yet. No one can deny that COVID-19 has and will continue to have a huge effect on everything related to the working market. Everyone of us is working differently, collaborating with different tools, using other means of communication in order to keep business going. Which means that you need to approach your job search differently! Rules and guidelines have been reinvented, what used to work well in the past, may not be sufficient in these days. Therefore, those who can embrace the new trends of job seeking, show flexibility, adaptability and eagerness to learn and adjust themselves, will be the ones who will stand out and advance their careers. Here are some tips that will help you to advance your career in 2021. • Build strong relationships This process starts by being proactive during your job search. Rather than just sending your application and hoping it will work, do your researches, reach out to the right employer and follow up your application. Strengthen your professional network. Don’t forget that building strong relationships is more important than ever to be seen, so make an effort, engage with the hiring manager or recruiter, when you follow up your application. Make sure to leave a good impact on them in order to be at the front of their mind. Be also brave and dare to ask them: if you think that this position is’t right for me, please let me know what is the role that may suit my profile? • Be proactive Having the right mindset is an essential key to determine the jobseeker ability to find a new job. Many candidates might be pessimistic, helpless and hopeless during this covid-19 era. But starting your job search journey with a negative attitude won’t be any of help. So rather than whining and crying your bad luck, think more positively and understand that when markets change you must be ready to pitch and sell yourself to the right employer. • Sell yourself Mastering the art of selling yourself isn’t something innate, that everyone of us has! However today, you need to stand out. So, analyze what are your unique selling points and your strengths that will add value to the job you are applying for. Don’t forget to share concrete evidence of your achievements for each mentioned point. Practice your selling pitch to your friends, colleagues and family. Pay attention to the first impression you are making during your physical or online job interview. Do your researches on your future employer field, company, history, achievements…? Be informed before starting your interview and show your real excitement and eagerness to join the company. • Show how you used 2020 to grow Your future employer doesn’t have to know all your life details, or how your career plans went for 2020.Many people lost their jobs during 2020 due to the actual circumstances. So instead of blaming your surroundings, you better tell the recruiter how you have used your time to learn new skills, practice your knowledge and develop your skill set. For example: did you join an association, volunteered for a local charity, listened to some relevant podcast or TED talks? So even if you have been unemployed during 2020, but you succeed to show how you smartly invested your time and effort to more skills…you will be appreciated for your willingness to learn and to improve yourself. • Prove your adaptability If there is one key skill that will top everything in 2021: it will be adaptability. This is a crucial skill given how changing is the current working market. So, you better illustrate examples of your adaptability and flexibility in your CV, cover letter but mostly job interview. Show examples of your adaptability, by demonstrating how you succeeded to turn an obstacle or a difficult situation into a real business opportunity. This will convince them that you are the perfect candidate they are looking for. • Use social media to show your interest in your filed Update your social profiles and track your digital footprint, before applying for your new job. Delete any irrelevant content that may disadvantage you or scatter your imager in front of your future employer. So, google yourself and remove anything that doesn’t align with the professional image and values you want to transmit. Pay a special attention to your LinkedIn profile, follow organization and industries of interest, keep up to date with your specific market and be active on LinkedIn. Show your expertise by posting, commenting or sharing relevant posts.

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