Body Language Tips To Land Your Next Job Interview


Are you getting ready for your future job interview? Do you really want to impress the interviewer with your professional and confident attitude?

Well, this article is made for you. Today we will deliver you, our tips for a better control of your body language, to send the right unspoken message to the recruiter.

Follow these recommendations to project confidence, charisma and poise in place of arrogance and nervousness.

  1. Before the interview phase 

Even before the interview starts, you need to put on your confidence and embrace it.

In the waiting room, adopt a good posture while standing or sitting. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and your back straight. You might be watched, the receptionist and the colleagues in the corridor are eventually observing you and having a first impression about you.

If you are offered to sit down, place your bag or briefcase to the left side of your chair. This will help you grab your personal stuff later on and will reduce the awkwardness when you will shake the interviewer hands.

Speaking of the hand shaking, you should know that this step could be the only moment of physical contact with the interviewer.

Several studies have shown that handshaking, plays a crucial role in first impression making, so make it at your advantage. That is why, your hand shake should be firm and while you proceed, make eye contact and smile.

  1. During the interview phase

Even if first impressions count a lot, it’s during the interview that you will be really tested and evaluated, since interviewer will get enough time to take you in.

The way you answer questions, think and proceed is important alongside whit your ability to listen carefully, analyze and present information. So, try to keep these body language tips in mind:

  • Sitting Style and Posture 

Even if you have had these bad habits for too long: avoid slumping or leaning back excessively.

The best thing to do is Keeping your back straight. Lean forward slightly to show interest. Do not recline into the chair, this will make you look bored and disinterested but mostly nonprofessional.

Avoid crossing your arms or having a closed posture, these manners shows defensiveness, nervousness and a constant need for self-protection when what you need to show are confidence and openness.

  • Eye Contact 

This has been a controversy subject should I maintain constant eye contact or will it make me look weird and threatening?

Well it’s all about balance, because making eye contact during the interview is important, but it doesn’t need to be constant. You are not competing with the interviewer, which one of you will blink the first! This attitude is way too aggressive and disconnecting. At the same time avoiding eye contact totally, shows lack of self-confidence, untrustworthiness and distance.

Balance it out! Try to maintain eye contact when you listen and answer the question, but take break occasionally, and let your eyes wander from time to time, this will be more.

  • Avoid Crossing Your Legs 

A lot of behaviorist experts don’t recommend crossing your legs, try to keep them straight or just maintain a comfortable yet professional posture.

With a long interview, you might need to re cross them because your leg is falling asleep. This could come across like fidgeting.

  • Use Your Hands 

Are you the kind of person who talk with their hands? Well go ahead and move them during the interview.

Deleting and blocking all your natural gestures may lead to a weird appearance, a robotic posture or an awkward situation. Just be sure to control your motions, don’t het too enthusiastic in a way to distract the interviewer from your words.

  • Suppress Restless Habit 

Habits like: fidgeting, hair twirling, leg tapping, nail biting will ruin your appearance and the impression the interviewer is making about you.

This will make you look unprofessional showing your stress, nervousness and lack of control. Plus, most of these actions are generally considered impolite and childish.

  1. Practice Your Body Language 

At the end we can say the best way to nail all these tips is practicing.

You should practice your body language as much as you prepare your answers to each new job interview. Natural gestures tend to take over when you are nervous, to you need to learn how to control them.

Practice with a friend or an interview coach to make sure you are totally aware of your body when the time comes for your future interview.


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