7 tips to help you keep engaged while working in the heat


Summer season is already here! Sunny days, hot weather, longer nights and thoughts of vacation keep luring you.

But if you are like the major part of the working population, you need to be at your office and keep doing your tasks; you will usually find yourself being hot, stuck and less motivated to work.

Well, this is normal if you have to handle a bunch of complex projects, a mountain of emails and tasks while your fellow friends are enjoying their days in a relaxing beach.

So here are our top 7 tips that will help keep being motivated and engaged while working in the heat.

  1. Treat yourself.

if it was hard to deal with the ever-nagging HR manager, your boss with his endless last minutes tasks or the unsatisfied clients…having the temperature doubled will only make things worse.

The solution we advance here, is to reward yourself, don’t hesitate to treat yourself after accomplishing your workload.

Whether it is with a nice dinner with a friend, a new outfit, a new technological item or whatever you have been craving for …define goals, accomplish them on time and reward yourself.

  1. Have a cool, light and chic outfit. 

since it is summer time, think of adapting your dress code to this particular part of the year.

Swap formal and heavy suits to more flowing and light items, don’t’ hesitate to choose lighter materials and brighter colors.

Ask your supervisor about the limits you should respect regarding your office dress code.

You need to be comfortable but not too causal, being comfy in your outfit is a thing but adopting a in-door outfit is another one!

  1. Get enough hydration. 

Don’t forget to get enough H2o to be hydrated the whole day while proceeding your tasks.

Drinking more water when it is hot is not only crucial for your metabolism but or help you reduces headaches, tiredness and irritability.

If you are part of the team “I forget to drink” use an application or simply set an alarm every hour or so to drink some water, put a bottle of water on your desk so that you will be always seeing it, you can also add some lemon quarters, mint leaves or summer fruits in your water to flavor it and give you extra vitamin and minerals.

Just keep in mind a well hydrated body works better than a dehydrated one.

  1. Switch it up!

Even if it is important to stick to a well-organized routine and goals, it is still essential to switch things up from time to time!

You need to keep things exciting to be motivated and to avoid the routine.

If it is possible, try working outside your office, hold on new opportunities, meet friends after work rather than heading to your home, try working in different places or different shifts if it is possible.

  1. Plan ahead your day. 

Plan your daily routine on a sheet or an application to make sure you are accomplishing all your tasks through the day.

Adopting a daily routine or a to do list will help be more organized, performant and successful.

You can include your professional, personal and social tasks into your to do list to keep everything on track.

  1. Keep your cool.

Higher temperatures can make your stress and anxiety level go higher, so make sure to keep your cool.

Don’t let your anger, stress and negatives emotions control you! This will not only ruin your day, but it can fire back into your face.

Workplace manners, etiquettes and respect don’t stop because of the heat, so try to adjust and pull yourself away from any situation that starts to heat up, give yourself a 5 min break to calm down before returning to your desk.

Just remember to step away from any conflict, fight or any other situation that may irritate you, keep your calmness and self-control.

  1. Get out and enjoy your time. 

Succeeding in your working life go along side with allowing yourself to enjoy your out-office life.

That why you need to keep things well balanced, summer is not and ever lasting season so make sure to make the most of it.

Allow yours led to take a some days off, spend some quality time with family and friends outside, see an old friend, that that one thing you have always said you want to do, take a walk after your working hour, go to a party or a beach club on week-end…

Just have plans that you can look forward too, and that will always motivate you.

Following this balanced life will make you work better, be more productive and less depressed.

Even a small walk in the sun will boost your vitamin D level, and increase your endorphin and serotonin, take some break with friends or colleagues outside the office and enjoy your time.

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