7 pros of being a freelancer in 2022

7 pros of being a freelancer

Being a freelancer in 2022: Seven advantages to consider

The post-pandemic period has made the freelancing job more appealing than ever. Recruiting and consulting agencies confirm that freelancing jobs are attracting more than one-third of candidates. Moreover, being a freelancer isn’t a choice made out of necessity it is a deliberate one. This doesn’t surprise especially when you consider all the benefits that come of being your own mentor and boss. 

So if you want to start a new adventure in the freelancing world as a full-time or part-time job, or even as a career choice, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will enlist the main advantages of being a freelancer in this period and beyond. 

Nowadays many workers think of starting a freelancing career but, most of them worry if it is the right choice to make. As an employee, you may consider this plan as a source of side income, or maybe you’re asking if it’s worthy to leave behind your day job for a self-employment status. If so you will be joining the 36% of the freelancer’s community who have made it a full-time job. 

While the beginning may be difficult, you can have an idea of what you will be facing by checking the full guide to become a freelancer to discover the steps you need to take to launch a freelancing career. 

1.    Enjoy more freedom

When you think of the advantages of being a freelancer, the first thing that comes to your mind is freedom and flexibility compared to an employee working for someone else. 

If you are a freelancer, you have to run your own business, so you are deciding which client you will take, what are your wages and what hours you will work on? For example, if a client land you a complex project that doesn’t pay well you can turn their offer down. You are not obliged to take any project that doesn’t match your goals. 

2.    Self-management is the way to go 

Being a freelancer means also that you are your own mentor and boss. You will have to define your own schedule, your workload, your dress code, and any other aspect of your business. 

After that being said, freelancing is not to be confounded with vacations! Since it is your unique responsibility to make your clients satisfied, follow your budget, look for new clients and negotiate rates and paycheck. You can eventually discover that in order to stay on top of everything you will have to double your work for some weeks and do less for some others. Everything is under your own control. 

As payroll and consulting agency Pentabell can assist your freelancing career and guide you step by step to get you introduced to the freelancing world and lead your future business to success. 

3.    Flexible schedule

One of the main advantages of a freelancing life is the capacity to set your own timing and working hours. For instance, if you are a parent, you can work when your kids go to school or when they head to bed. You can also choose to skip working in the middle on of the week and take the day off while paying it back the Sunday. It is totally up to you to fix your schedule as long as your client’s work and deadlines are respected. 

4.    Better earning and compensation control

While being a freelancer, you are not obliged to ask your boss for a pay raise. You are responsible for fixing your own rates and you can choose how much work you want to take on. However, you must take into consideration the rates and amount of work depending on the market forces. You can’t overprice your offers without risking reducing the list of your clients. In spite of that, freelancers with longer years of experience and better reputation can raise their rate over time. 

5.    Flexible locations

Since you are not entitled to one single company or boss, you will be able to choose when and where you will live and work, as a freelancer you can even choose to travel and work. While some freelancing jobs will require you to be near to your clients, with expertise and quality work you can find clients everywhere. 

More than 70% of freelance work is done digitally, which means you can do it remotely and travel or live wherever you want while completing your work. 

6.    The ability to test the startup concept

Freelancing give employees the chance to create their own client base while growing their business. 

As a freelancer you can try different alternatives, experiment with diversified services, and offers to see what’s the combination that makes you more benefits while bringing more clients. 

Once you define the best combination and after taking some steps in the freelancing world you can turn to a consulting agency or a freelancing agency to expand your client database, furthermore. 

7.    Upgraded skillset

Being a freelancer means that you will be probably taking on different projects from each client. 

Every single project you take will bring something new and give you the chance to expand your skillset. Hence you will probably find yourself learning a new skill as you go farther in this path. 

 This advantage may not exist if you are working in a traditional job especially if the company is not encouraging continuous learning and staff development. As a freelancer, you will have more opportunities for growth since you tackle a wide range of projects each one needing a different set of skills. 

If you are a freelancer you will choose how and when you will start your learning process rather than waiting for your corporate training. Thanks to digitization there are many online courses and opportunities to learn and you can afford the freedom to choose when you will learn. 

·     Freelance work FAQ 

What are the main disadvantages of being a freelancer?

The freelancing life is not a fairytale! Like every choice, it has its own downsides, even though successful freelancers will tell you that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. 

One of the biggest cons of this career path is that you must pay taxes as a business owner, which means that you have to pay the business portion for social security and Medicare that are normally covered by employers in classic jobs. 

Other disadvantages include the absence of retirement benefits and health insurance so you have to provide these expanses for yourself. 

To summarize the freelancing choice may be less secure since you can’t expect to receive a regular paycheck and you must keep prospecting for new clients and jobs. 

What kind of freelancing job you can take?

To answer this question you must look at your skills and background. So start by enlisting your skills and the work experience you’ve done before. 

Consider which the most fulfilling skills are and which ones are the most in-demand. 

In the start you might try freelance work in all the fields of your skills after that you can narrow your offers to the ones that bring more income and appeal more to clients. 

The most in-demand Freelance jobs include design, copywriting, marketing and sales, data science, customer service, legal and administrative work, engineering and software development. 

Now if you are ready and motivated to try freelancing whether as a full-time, or part-time option, consulting and recruitment agencies like Pentabell can assist you.

Our agency connects independent workers to a wide range of clients and professionals asking for experts to take charge of their projects. So whether you are a developer, a designer, or a writer you can join 1516 independent consultants and nous contacter to enrich your client base. 

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