6 Tips to apply to your first job


Searching for your first job may be one of the most challenging tasks ever. Everyone of us have been there, and you can feel like you’re falling behind especially if everyone around you seems like nailing the process.

So here are some key tips that will help you land your first job and start your professional career.

  1. Always be prepared: be an intern in a field that interest you when you are in college.

It is never to early to start your internship when you are a student.

Look for your first opportunity in job boards like glassdoor, monster job or Beestalent …you must be the early bird who gets the worm, be the first candidate to apply for an internship because many of the competitive offers have deadlines in mid-to-late fall!

So, step forward and be ahead of the curve. You can start in your summer vacation by shortlisting the companies and fields you want to work for, once you did that identify the key deadline of your top opportunities and start postulating according to that.

  1. Take advantage: profit from your school resources.

When you are still a student take advantage of your university career tips, if they have a career center make sure to use it.

Join clubs related to your professional interests, attend recruitment events, start building your future network bit by bit.

If you have a first draft of your CV and cover letter, show it to your professors and mentors and take their feedback to improve it.

  1. Search smartly: use the right tools.

Think to internet the search tools became unlimited, but even though the process ma be overwhelming when you are not used to do your research or when you don’t even know from where you should start.

But don’t be frightened job boards like Glassdoor, Pentabell or Beestalent help you navigate the job openings very easily according to the different available fields.

Just make sure to register or bookmark the most interesting offers.

  1. Take the plunge: apply.

Applying vigorously to a variety of jobs, will multiply your chances to get seen and hired.

Don’t limit yourself to one site or one job board, apply to as many jobs as possible, but make sure you are postulating for relevant jobs according to your studies, be sure your CV and cover letter are updated.

Check our article on the perfect way to write a CV and how to create a cover letter in 2020.

  1. Put your foot in the playing ground: create and update your CV.

If you haven’t created your resume yet, now is the perfect time to do it.

Be clear, smart and concise when you list down your experience or any other information.

Your CV must not exceed one page especially when you are a beginner.

Use a formal font, and use bullet point to list your experience, but if you have a CV already make sure to update it with your current skills and certificates.

Be truthful and express your creativity and the way you draft your CV template.

  1. First impressions do count: so, prepare your interviews.

Once you submit your applications, you should get prepared to pass some interviews whether directly, on the phone or virtually.

But before preparing the interview do some researches about the company, your future post, the responsibilities that comes with it… make yourself familiar with your new status.

Remember to show your confidence, authenticity and enthusiasm but be yourself.

With all these tips you can now easily find your first internship or job, just be strong and start acting! We wish you good luck.

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