5 Tips To Find And Land A New Job During 2021


As the pandemic continues to impact the worldwide economy, many employees keep searching for new opportunities.  

And even though, the unemployment situation may be very difficult to endure, candidates can follow some hacks and tips in order to facilitate their job search, find and even land a new job in 2021. 

So here are some good tips workers need to know for a better job search during this year. 

1.Asses the elements that are important to you

Rather than targeting the quantity, you better focus on quality. 

Applying to every single opportunity you see isn’t a good strategy! Which is why it is essential for jobseeker to start by figuring out what they are and are not looking for in their future position, before even starting the job search. 

For some people, the job is basically a way to make a living; it is a mean to an end which is the paycheck. 

However, for other people, a job is before all a passion, a reason to live and keep growing. Those people are looking for something different. They are searching for a stepping stone, a reason to exist, they need a gratifying and fulfilling job. 

A third type of candidate will consider a good position based on the people he will be working with, the corporate culture, the work-life balance or even the perks of the job itself. 

No matter what are the criteria that define what is a good opportunity, it is essential for each jobseeker to define what they are looking for in a job, what matters the most to them, because after all they will spending too much time of their days in that job. 

So, they better choose carefully, something they like! 

2.Do your researches

Once you’ve dressed a list of the most important element that matters to you, you must start researching what job opportunities are available in the market and what are the companies you want to work for. 

When you start looking for new opportunities, you must conduct your own researches on the average pay for the position you are applying for, what is the culture shared in the company you’re eyeing and what are the reviews or testimonials of current and past employees. 

Company reviews site like Indeed, Glassdoor and comparably can be very helpful to find this kind of information. 

Doing your researches beforehand, and before even starting your job search will let you know if it is going to be a company or a job you will be happy at. 

3.Update and customize your resume

Once you’ve had your own idea of the opportunities and the companies that aligns with your needs, interests and values, the next step to find and land a job, is to update and customize your resume. 

By doing so you will let recruiters and the hiring managers know that you are qualified and will fitted for the job. 

Make sure to include a personal summary in your resume. In this section make sure to shed the light on the skills and experiences that are important for the actual job. 

Another important point to remember is to quantify your success, measure your achievement with growth metrics, percentages and relevant examples that show how much value and growth you can add to the company. 

This is better than just listing your experience; your words will have more meaning and power if you illustrate them with numbers and KPI’s. 


After knowing what you need, conducting your researches and updating you resume, you should start applying to the job formally. 

But don’t stop right there, use social media as a tool to connect to people working at the company to see if they can help your application to get noticed. 

LinkedIn is a great tool to discover the professional profiles of people, to leverage the people you already know as well as other peoples or professionals your friends or colleagues are connected to. 

In this social network it is completely normal and appropriate to reach to recruiters or Hiring Manager to let them know that you applied to a job posted by their company. 

It is a well perceived step and it shows that the candidate is motivated and ready to take initiatives. It proves also that he wants to work for the company, and he is ready to show that he deserves a place in it.  

5.Network, network, network 

Using social media is not the only way to connect to people who are directly tied to the job you’re looking for. 

HR specialists urges candidates and jobseekers to take advantage of the online networking opportunities in order to connect to people working in their industry and even attend online events, courses and   conferences. 

Re-check your network members, then define who you already know, but mostly who are the influential people and experts in your field that are not yet in your circle but you want to add them in. 

You can also reach to your network member’s support and ask for help. Let them know that you are looking for a new opportunity and that you will appreciate any further help, like, comment or share. 

Finding the right job is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and following these steps will help you not only to find but also successfully land the position of you dreams. 

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