5 Reasons To Hold An Office Party To Improve Your Company Culture


During these festive times, and while Christmas is right in the corner, people start feeling the holiday spirit, wanting to celebrate, gather with loved ones and enjoy their time.

Especially after the crisis everyone has been facing due to the pandemic and all the chaotic events, we faced in 2020; people are desperately craving for a reason to be happy, celebrate and forget about their problems.

Which is why, it is important to take this opportunity to launch in overall party especially in the corporate environment; in order to strengthen the corporate culture and improve relationships between employees working for the same company.

Hence, in this article we will give you five good reasons to hold an office party in order to improve the corporate culture.

Reasons to hold an office party to strengthen your company culture 

  1. It gives a Morale Boost: 

the end of the year is a special time where a lot of things happens simultaneously: going from tying up loose ends, trying to seal incomplete deals, meet a lot of deadlines and attain the end of year goals.

So, no matter how strong your corporate culture is, employees will mostly feel tired with a dip in morale by the end of December.

Which is why Christmas and holidays parties are a perfect opportunity to motivate, encourage employees and remind them of the reasons why they chose to join your company, why they are important to the company and how they are contributing to the overall growth and success of the company.

  1. It unites all the office subcultures:

Within the general corporate culture, many departments or team subcultures develop us time goes by.

Holiday or Christmas office parties are the perfect occasion for employees to come closer to people from across the company from all the levels of the hierarchy.

These parties remind everyone that they don’t just belong to the sales, accounting or operation team but they are all employees of the same company working hand on hand to achieve the same business and strategic goals of their company.

While people from the same team or department tend naturally to hang out together, try to create a lot of opportunities for your stuff to interact with other employees from other departments.

Create an inclusive holiday party in order to ensure the best mingling experience. You want everyone to feel welcome, cherished and important in the party, so don’t forget to interact with cross departmental teams’ mates and all the employees that are related to the company from all the levels.

  1. It allows employees to interact with executives and upper management:  

This is accurate in big company or multinational firms where some employees never get the chance to meet upper management or company directors.

So, if you want to instore a corporate culture based on closeness and trust in company leaders, it is crucial to create opportunities where people meet and get to build rapport with their management teams.

Christmas and holiday parties give this chance to executives to meet with managers, directors and company founders far away from office pressure, plus people try to naturally follow and trust leaders they know on the personal level.

  1. It provides opportunities to show recognition: 

A major reason for employees’ turnover and burn-out is working for companies that doesn’t offer enough recognition within their corporate culture.

And while recognition and demonstrating appreciation and thankfulness don’t need to be saved to the end of the year only, a Christmas or holiday party are very convenient to recognize employees for the hard work, dedication and engagement they showed during the entire year.

So, make sure to recognize all your employees in a way that suits their needs and your culture.

If for example your company is a place that emphasize the teamwork, be sure to recognize your team’s achievements.

In the other hands, if you are more oriented toward individual achievements, choose an awards ceremony to give each one of your workers the prize and award they deserve.  

  1. It represents the corporate culture in a light way: 

Office parties give a precious chance to leaders to strengthen their company culture in a casual, fun and rewarding way.

If your company is built on a traditional and formal basis, plan a class party and choose a formal theme.

In other hand, if you are more into a youthful and natural corporate culture choose a theme that reflects that casual and easy going aspect.

If you work in the luxury business, think a launching a fancier and well-planned party.

Note that, an office party is not meant to drastically change the corporate culture overnight but it is a strong tool to enhance the changes you have already started to implement beforehand.

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