14 tips to successfully apply for an online job in 2020


Looking for a new job can be a very difficult and overwhelming task.

Eventually, you will have to complete a lot of job application either online via available job boards or directly on the employer website. And before starting this task, you should know how to complete an online job application. 

So basically, how should you proceed to nail your online job application??

Here are 14 tips and advices to make online job application you ally, to find your dream position.

1.Define what you need to apply 

Completing an online job application require that you have: internet access, professional email address to use for job search, an updated resume, a customizable cover letter, your employment history and your exact availability to work if you apply for a par time job. You might also need to take some online employment tests or provide some employment references if needed.

2.Get your resume ready 

The first thing to do before starting to look for a job or completing online job application, is to prepare an updated version of your resume ready to upload. Just make sure that this version includes your current contact information and work history and save it as yournameresume.doc rather than a generic file name like resume or CV. Don’t forget also to have a basic and customizable cover letter ready to use for each job you apply for.

3.Know your employment history 

Get all the details of your employment history ready. The online application systems always ask for the same information’s, including your contact information’s, your educational path, your employment history with each job title, your starting and ending dates of employment and your salary for each position. Sometimes you will be asked to provide the full address and phone number of your previous employers.

4.Review sample job application forms

Before you start your online applications, download a sample job application form, print it and fill it out so you know better what kind of information you will need to enter when you start this process. Also try to review the most asked question on a job application and get prepared to answer them.

5.Creat accounts on job sites 

When applying for an online job, most of job boards and company websites will ask users to create a personal account. So, try to build a complete account on each of the most popular job boards in your field or country. Don’t forget to create a strong profile on LinkedIn so that recruiters will easily find you.

6.Post your resume or candidate profile online

The majority of job sites give job seekers the possibility to post their resume online. After uploading your resume, you will be able to use it quickly to apply for the future opportunities. Depending on the site, you’ll be able to make your resume viewable for employers which will give your job search extra exposure.

7.Use job search keywords 

When looking for a job online, the most efficient way to search is to use job keywords to find opportunities in the career fields and industries that interest you. Create a good list of job search keywords that reflects your job interests, including location, position, industry you want to work for. 

8. Search for job online

In addition to using job boards, using a job search engine can save you a lot of time. Through the job search engine, you can search for all the jobs found across various job boards and employer websites. For example, the job search engine LinkUp searches for jobs only on company websites, so all the listings you get will be current openings.

9.Apply for jobs on company website

Company websites are the best source of job listings, especially if you have a predefined list for the companies you are interested in working for. So, head directly to those companies’ websites  and apply for available opportunities. At most cases, you can apply for all level positions online – from part-time hourly jobs to top management positions.

10.Define when are you available to work

Determine your exact availability especially when applying for freelance or par time jobs, your future employer may ask you what days and hours you are available to work. Know your schedule and availability before you apply. If you are flexible with your schedule, be sure to emphasize this in your job application.

11.Follwo job application instructions

It’s is crucial to follow all instructions when applying for online jobs, you may need to create a profile, upload your resume and cover letter and sometimes take an employment test. Try to submit all the required materials, and to carefully proofread your application before you click the “Submit” button. Keep track of the job site accounts you create so you can track your applications.

12.Email job application 

In addition to the online job application, you may also need to apply via email. Some companies, especially small ones don’t have systems to handle online job applications, so you will have to write down an email to apply for the wanted job position. One important thing to do early in the job search process is to set up a professional email account for your job search. 

13.Be prepared to take employment tests 

Beside filling out a job application online, you might be asked to take an employment test. Some tests, called talent assessment, assess your skills or your personality to see if you are a good fit  for the job and company. Sometimes you get answered immediately to know whether you moved on to the next round of the hiring process or not.

14 tips to successfully apply for an online job in 2020

If you have some contacts at the company, they may be able to help you get your job application noticed by the hiring manager. So, check your LinkedIn contacts you may have some people that works at your future company. Ask for a referral or an introduction, if a contact person is listed in the job posting.

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