Quality Control Manager

Job Description

Job Role: Quality control managers are responsible for ensuring manufactured products meet set standards of quality, reliability and performance. Main Responsibilities: -Establish quality procedures, standards, and specifications for a company. -Collaborate with an organization’s purchasing manager to ensure raw materials from external suppliers meet quality requirements. -Set and enforce standards for health and safety during work operations -Carry out research to identify ways to reduce waste and maximize resources. -Conduct tests to verify the quality of raw materials and finished products. -Conduct surveys to identify customer requirements and ensure they are being met by established quality standards. -Proffer recommendations to company management on ways to improve on existing quality processes -Collect, compile and analyze relevant quality statistical data to obtain information regarding quality performance. -Supervise technicians, inspectors, and other company staff to ensure they perform their duties in line with established quality procedures. -Monitor product development processes to identify deviations from quality policies -Conduct tests to verify the quality of raw materials and finished products. -Review existing process and product specification to identify the need for improvement or upgrade -Approve compliant products and reject defective ones. -Prepare and present reports to update upper management on quality activities. -Maintain proper records of quality test, procedures and standards. Skills & Requirements: Education and Training: r, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business management or administration. Some quality manager jobs may require industry-specific disciplines such as engineering, polymer science technology, and applied sciences. Most quality managers advance in their careers from lower positions, thus have prior experience as a quality officer or technologist. Analytical Skill: Quality control managers are able to conduct tests to ensure a product or material falls within established quality specifications. Interpersonal Skill: They are able to work with team of quality assurance personnel to make sure raw materials, and final products meet set standards of quality. Organizational Skill: They are adept at planning and developing standards, procedures, and best practices for ensuring product quality.

Job Summary

  • Published on: 26 Nov, 2021
  • Job Location: Sénégal