RF Manager

Job Description

Job role: Oversees engineering and technical design of Radio Frequency (RF) engineering projects, such as deployment and maintenance of wireless networks. Manages communication and coordination among different types of engineers working on a project. Supervises project schedule, budget, and communications with stakeholders. Main responsibilities: -Planning and optimization manager:2G 3G 4G (proficent at 1,the more the better ) -Driver Test/OSS/Troubleshooting team management -New Site and Cluster KPI follow-up, troubleshooting,new feature validation -Understanding and keeping under control the customer issues with the proper communication to the client. -Responsible for the report daily/weekly report to management team or customer -Increase customer satisfaction and confidence by ensuring all issues identified are dealt with and provided a solution within the required timeframe. skills and responsibilities: -Familar with TEMS investigation& dicovery will be good -length of employment requirement:More than 5 years -Language:English and French

Job Summary

  • Published on: 24 Jul, 2021
  • Job Location: Maroc