Process Engineer

Job Description

Job Role: The future candidate will design and implement systems and equipment procedures used in manufacturing facilities. Their main duties include testing and monitoring equipment, updating current system processes, and conducting risk assessments. Main Responsibilities: onducting research to develop new and improved processes for manufacturing Establishing safety procedures for individuals working with dangerous chemicals Developing methods for separating components of gases and liquids or for generating electrical currents Designing and planning equipment layout Conducting tests and monitoring the process performance throughout production Troubleshooting problems associated with manufacturing processes Evaluating processes and equipment to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations Estimating production costs Skills & Requirements: Excellent analytical and math skills Strong written and verbal communication skills Ability to persuade others to change existing practices Strong attention to detail Proven ability to identify, assess and solve problems Proficient with computer and information technology Knowledge of process engineering software systems Familiarity with applicable health and safety regulations

Job Summary

  • Published on: 14 Dec, 2021
  • Job Location: France