When Pentabell celebrate its 15th anniversary


From a one-man business in 2005 to a leading worldwide group in consultancy and recruitment over 4 key industries including: Oil and Gas, IT and Telecom, Energy and Transport, in 2020.

Over the past 15 years, Pentabell has considerably grown up as a business entity, it learned so much, evolved, watched its international family get bigger over years, pulled off some of the hardest challenges and even succeeded to build stronger relationships with its consultants and clients.

On this momentous anniversary, we would like to share with you in this article, the amazing journey defining the philosophy of Pentabell.

  1. Pentabell services 

By providing quality services like: consulting, logistics, relocation, recruitment, outsourcing, technical assistance, deployment and payroll, over the past 15 years, Pentabell succeeded to grow its business and enrich its activity portfolio.

Hence, our company tried to ensure:

  • Recruitment and selection services: 

Pentabell management approach gives it the opportunity – whenever needed- to work in close partnership with clients and consultants to guarantee that timescales, deadlines and budgets were respected.

  • Covering business vacancies:

Our company have been able to survive by assessing all our business needs, identifying the skills gap and advising on the job profile content and competency model.

  • Candidate selection: 

By crafting and advising on the right selection process and methodology, Pentabell made sure to respect the best international practices in term of candidate selection alongside with legislation compliance.

  • Attracting candidates:

While deciding on the marketing role, designing both internal and external advertisement and crafting a global recruitment plan, Pentabell always succeeded to attract the right candidates.

  • Making offers and negotiation terms: 

Our company kept providing advices through the negotiation process to secure the most competent candidates within the agreed budget and while maintaining a good reputation with its clients.

  • Consultancy and services providing:

Based on strong teams of highly skilled experts who are ready to deliver services in any areas of the covered sectors, Pentabell was able to bring its experts and freelance project managers into mission during critical projects and on short notice.

Pentabell’s technical expertise helped it to understand every client objective which meant it build a strong reputation of excellence and quality with affordable prices.

  1. Pentabell Promise 

We tip the scale in your favor” has been the promise that Pentabell tried to keep with all her partners (clients and consultant) in the last 15 years, which made its brand grow in over 20 countries and gain more than 600 consultants.

To honor its promise, Pentabell, always made sure to facilitate a successful match between employers and jobseekers, going from advising global companies on their applicant sourcing strategy to helping individual jobseekers to find their dream job.

  1. The reasons why Pentabell succeeded in a very competitive market

Pentabell overcome hardships, and obstacles think to a unique combination of elements including:

1.Highly engaged and motivated teams: including a backbone of graduates from leading Business, HR and engineering universities.

2.Highly supportive office environment: based on values of sharing, helping and assisting each other’s, plus a commercially driven organization. 

3.World class payroll solutions and OA payroll teams: Pentabell build a large pool of talented people sharing a culture of continuous improvement.

4.The right balance of experience level, in term of senior managers with a large and international experience and young graduates strengthening areas like order administration, recruitment hubs, finance and digital teams.

5.The satisfaction level of clients: serviced by the dynamic teams of Pentabell, our customers first approach is the conductive line among all levels of our organization.

Pentabell prides itself on having people that always look after clients’ satisfaction and quality service delivery day and night.

  1. Pentabell evolution 

From a small one man’s dream in 2005 into a leading worldwide consultancy and recruiting group, Pentabell is celebrating in this year its 15th professional birthday.

This was a long journey and many things changed during these past years, including our offices, team size, software, web and social media presence, planning, expectations, experience ….

The one thing that remains over the years is our same passion, vision and constant endeavor to create the finest services ever for our clients and consultants.

We still feel the same excitement after so many years in every little detail of our journey as our starting days.

So, keep following us because Pentabell’s Adventure, growth and story will be a story that never ends!

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