What should you do after a bad job interview?


Even if you do your best to get prepared for a job interview sometimes, things just don’t go your way!

The reasons for this might be countless, you cloud probably be stressed or nervous that day, maybe you struggled to create a good rapport with interviewers, or went totally blank or speechless when answering some questions…and when an interview goes wrong, it can really affect our self-confidence.

Remember there is always a chance that the interview was not as bad as you thought and you were just being harsh and self-critical to yourself. But even thought, the interview was a failure here are some essential tips to overcome a bad job interview.

  1. Give yourself the necessary time to overcome that experience. 

Once you finished your interview and left the place, stay still and take few breaths.

Close your eyes and breath deeply, sometimes after a bad interview you can feel angry, upset and start the overthinking so take your time to relax telling yourself it is over and you have already tried your best.

When you relax, you can just take some minutes to reflect on the process quickly by analyzing your strength and weaknesses.

You can talk to a trusted friend or a family member about your experience to relieve your mind.

Once you do this, there won’t be any need to think over and over about your interview because you may make yourself more stressed by convincing yourself that it was worse than it really was.

Go for a walk-in nature or go to peaceful place to clear your mind. And remember to not be very hard or cynical to yourself.

2. Learn from that experience. 

After taking some time to overcome your experience, stay quietly and reflect on your interview.

Analyze the elements that went well and the ones that went and write down your thoughts in a list.

By analyzing your weaknesses determine the reasons that lead to those problems: were you late for interview? Were you not prepared enough? Did you take the time to do your researches on the company? By identifying your mistakes and analyzing the reasons behind your behavior you will be able to avoid them next time.

If you get the chance to receive the recruiter’s feedback, look at it carefully and identify your weaknesses and the elements you can improve and work on.

You can get some useful tips and advices from them also, so take note of the positive feedback, determine your problems and don’t be hard on yourself, we all make mistakes and no one is perfect.

So, keep learning from your mistakes, improve your skills to be fully prepared for your future job interviews.

3. Keep trying. 

Even if your job interview went bad, you should never give up your job search.

And don’t forget to thank the recruiter who sent you his feedback and given you some professional tips, being polite and courteous may not make you accepted but may give you a chance to get a new opportunity by showing your professionalism and respect to the recruiter.

You may not get this job but at least you can learn from your experience. So, stay positive and keep searching!

Tell yourself this is just a small bump or obstacle in your long road, and there will be more opportunities to come!

Just believe in yourself, work on your limits; keep learning and improving your skills and you will definitely find the perfect job fir you!

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