UAE announces new 2023 Emiratization deadlines

UAE announces new 2023 Emiratization deadlines

The government has just updated its guidelines on hiring Emiratis in the private sector. As of January 1st, firms with over 50 employees are required to ensure that 2% of their workforce is made up of Emiratis, or risk facing financial penalties. This is part of the Nafis initiative, which aims to have 10% of all private sector employees in the UAE be Emirati.

The government has now made some updates to the initiative, which means that companies must achieve a 1% increase in Emiratisation in the first half of the year and another 1% increase in the second half. This is a change from the previous requirement of a 2% increase every year until 2026.

This means that companies failing to meet their Emiratisation targets halfway through the year will face fines. Currently, fines are set at AED6,000 per month or AED72,000 per year, but this amount will increase by AED1,000 annually until 2026.

The UAE government is committed to promoting Emirati employment and these updates are part of a larger effort to achieve this goal. It’s great to see the private sector being held accountable and contributing to the nation’s vision.

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