The top 10 key job skills companies will be looking for in 2021

The top 10 key job skills companies will be looking for in 2021

As our world keeps evolving and changing to welcome the next generation of revolution, our workplaces requirements keep shifting.

That is how each new year comes with its load of specific skillset and required experiences that defines to workings forces what kind of skills, experience and knowledge they need to master to enhance their chances of being employed in nowadays labor market.

Thus, according to the world economic forum: 35% of the skills considered as essential today will eventually change in the upcoming years.

And while no one can see or predict the future, here are ten of the most wanted jobs skills every company will be asking for in 2021.

  1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking generally refers to the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.

This capacity is one of the most sought skills, companies looks for in her futures employees especially if we know that we are living an era filled with propaganda, fake news, misinformation and hoax.

For instance, deep thinking critical thinking is not a synonym for being negative or unsatisfied but it is more related to someone’s aptitude to evaluate objectively a situation or an information in order to know how it should or not be used by the organization, so employees who are able to analyses and judge objectively an information will constitute a main asset to each company.

  1. Data Literacy

Data is the most valuable asset each organization has; it is the 4th industrial revolution fuel and companies that don’t use this asset to drive evolution and success will be left behind.

That is why having employees who can read data and turn them into added value to the company is a necessity.

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility

In a fast changing and muting world, people need to be more invested in learning new skills through their career to be more opened and adaptable to changes.

Understanding that yesterday values and methods that used to work in the past, are not the best strategy for tomorrow, seems to be an eventuality.

Additionally, working in diversified and multicultural workplaces demands that tomorrow employees needs to be more cognitively flexible and ready to accept new ideas, process and methods.

  1. Tech Savviness

Technical skills, digital related tools will be the common rule in tomorrow workplaces.

More than ever workers will need to deal with virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, internet of things…those assets will become a part of each worker everyday life whether he works for an international company or a small factory.

So, people need not only to be comfortable around these elements, but they need also to be used to work with them.

So, awareness of these tools’ and technical skills will be needed in their everyday working life.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

One of the areas in which humans will always have an advantage over machines or artificial intelligence is EQ or emotional intelligence.

In fact, the attribute could be defined as the ability to understand, manage and use your own emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, relieve stress, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

This major will always be crucial as long as there are humans controlling the working space and interacting with one another.

  1. Cultural Intelligence and Diversity

Today’s companies are extremely diversified, and employees must respect each other’s differences and collaborate with people of different religion, culture, age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Since an increasing number of businesses are operating above international boundaries, they need to be more sensitive to others languages, religious, political and cultural beliefs.

Which is why employees with strong cultural intelligence and high adaptability would perceive the organization space differently, moreover they will be capable to create more inclusive working space where differences are embraced, assumed and cherished.

  1. Creativity 

Coming to creativity, finding unique solutions or coming up with new ideas humans still better than machines and robots.

This explains why creative people are hired by companies to imagine, invent and come up with new ideas or projects capable to take their organizations to the next level.

The future working spaces will be places where employee’s creativity will be a vital asset to ensure the survival and the development of the company in ever growing and competitive marketplace.

  1. Judgment and Complex Decision Making

Even if machines are able to gather, provide and analyze a huge amount of data within a very short period of time, decision making, critical thinking and judgment faculty will always be a human being asset.

People capacity to take input from data and define how decisions can impact each aspect of their organization, is an essential component of the success of each company.    

So, no matter how data can support decision making, employees’ faculty to step forward and think how decision would impact business plans can’t be replaced.                                                       

  1. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are not only a necessity for managing directors or company’s leaders but they have become a required talent for each individual having to manage or lead a team.

Assisted by the support of machine more people occupying decision making positions will need to master leadership art.

Leadership is about understanding employees’ skills and capacities while bringing in their best, and inspiring them to follow the future vision of the company.

  1. Collaboration

While hiring new talents, future organization will be looking for elements like interpersonal skills and collaboration capacity.

Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.

Which make employees capable to interact well with each other’s and drive company forward a valuable asset to the company.

In addition to all these pre listed skills, talents like self-management, time and stress management, adaptability, or self-motivation will always be required in the future societies.

Employees with flexible, opened and growth mindset will be easily integrated in companies as a precious asset to push the company forward and create added value.


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