The 7 most needed Skills for Success in International Business


To succeed in a fast-changing world dominated by international business and big companies leading the world wide economy, a specific set of skills and knowledge is needed.

Therefore, each candidate willing or dreaming to have a long and successful career in international business, needs to unlock those 7 following skills:

1.Cross cultural communication skills

Working in an international business means working in a diverse workplace where people comes from different country, background and cultures. So, whether they are colleagues, clients, consultants. knowing how to communicate across cultures is a must have skill.   

This skill requires: having tact, sensitivity, diplomacy but mostly respect to others.

It needs also someone who is open- minded, tolerating and making efforts to learn, understand and appreciate differences and nuances.

Having these qualities will help each candidate avoid misunderstanding and difficult situation or conflict. Plus, good communication is always good for the business, especially if added to active listening skills.

2. Adaptive thinking

In today changing environment, each one must have the confidence and capacity to adapt and react quickly to each unexpected situation.

Being flexible and ready to think out of the box can help each candidate be original, creative and smart. Adaptive thinkers always succeed in an ever-changing environment, making them the most suited ones to succeed in international business.

 But how to be an adaptive thinker?

Actually, having qualities like humility, curiosity, impulse control, and ability to question one self and step back if needed …all brings adaptive thinking.

This quality is today a tactical skill needed for each global professional.

3. Excellent networking abilities

If you want to succeed in an international business, you need to develop a strong network of connection especially outside of your home country. Having a strong network can facilitates the access to new business opportunities overseas.

Social media network like LinkedIn or viadeo have made it easier for each professional to make connections abroad and strengthen his net. For this sake you need to master your “elevator pitch”, attend your industry networking events or conferences…those are the easiest ways to build up a strong and an ever-growing network. And remember, like cross cultural communication, networking also needs a lot of tact, active listening, consideration and diplomacy to build a long-term relationship rather a onetime contact in which you try simply to sell your skills.

4. Emotional intelligence

Also know with the term EQ (emotional quotient), this refers to the ability of someone to understand his own and others feelings.

That is why emotional intelligence is known as a critical skill when it comes to unlock international business, that is mainly because if influences and affects each aspect of business interaction.

Emotionally intelligent people are always self-conscious, aware and in control of their emotions and impulsive reactions. This means that they are capable to react calmly and wisely in a critical or stressful situation but mostly adapt easily to change when needed. They can also work together efficiently, thank to collaboration, communication, a strong sense of empathy and an above average interpersonal skill.

5. Resilience

Success in international career requires mental toughness and resilience.

Working in a diverse and multi-cultural working environment, means long hours, a tiring and filled schedule …so failure and setbacks are inevitable in the business world, but defat is not. This is when resilience comes handy.

Going along side with emotional intelligence, resilience is an essential key to success, allowing each one not only to overcome failures or falls that he might cross in his journey, but also rise and meet the challenges of global business.

6. Collaboaration

 Collaborating and being able to work with others is a crucial skill to break through international business. The capacity to work together with other for common project or one purpose is fundamental on today business world.

This skill needs humility, having confidence in others, to allow them to take the lead and share credit for needs also the ability to handle problems, give a quick feed back and fight for your cause.

In an international workplace , collaborating with team members from different cultures is beneficial to the whole company, firstly it is an opportunity to develop everyone cross-cultural communication skills, secondly it expose employees to new perspectives , challenges and new ways to address the hardest business problems, finally the collective brainpower can make the company more successful.

7. Interpersonal influence

The ability to influence others is essential to business success and continuity, whether your are trying to negotiate a new project, convince an investor to secure funding for your next venture ,or just persuade a new employee to adopt a new method of working ….you will need to have the tact and intelligence to reach to other and collaborate with them. Mastering interpersonal influence encourage others to embrace your ideas because they understand the value behind your strategy.

This requires the ability to be assertive, confident without being aggressive or rude.

In international business this skill will help you negotiate deals, motivate teams, and pitch for new business. This explains why this skill is a must have in leaders or managers positions.


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