The 15 Most In Demand programming jobs for 2024

The 15 Most In Demand programming jobs for 2024

Learning to program opens up job opportunities in a constantly growing market where organizations are continuously creating new technologies and applications. Depending on the programming language you specialize in, you can pursue a high-demand career.

This article highlights sought-after programming positions, outlines their typical duties, and provides insights into their average national salaries. Here are some of the most in-demand programming jobs for 2024:

NB: The salaries mentioned above are the average salaries in the United States

1/ Programmer analyst

-National average salary: $60,778 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A programmer analyst is responsible for creating and developing computer programs and software tailored to meet a company’s specific business needs. This involves tasks such as writing, coding, testing, and analyzing software applications and programs.

Additionally, the programmer analyst is responsible for website maintenance, identifying project requirements, addressing support requests based on IT support policies, and troubleshooting program issues.

2/ Network analyst

-National average salary: $73,672 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A network analyst is responsible for supervising the installation, upkeep, and resolution of issues in a company’s computer network system. Their primary objective is to enhance network efficiency through cost-effective setups and seamless data flow. Network analysts address connectivity problems, conduct system administration duties, document network performance data, and propose upgrade solutions.

3/ Systems analyst

-National average salary: $83,519 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A systems analyst or architect utilizes design and analysis techniques to assist companies in resolving business challenges through information technology. They begin by consulting with clients and researching new technologies to determine the most suitable solutions. Job responsibilities may include identifying the IT system requirements of an organization, enhancing system functionality, overseeing installations, and providing user training on implementing new technologies.

4/ App developer

-National average salary: $88,262 per year

➡️ Primary duties: An app developer creates and codes programs tailored for a particular operating system, device, or the web. Following the development of an application program, this type of software engineer assists in overseeing, monitoring, and resolving any issues that may arise. Additional responsibilities include crafting solutions to meet client requirements, testing source code, assessing existing applications for enhancements, and producing technical documentation outlining the code and design of their new applications.

5/ Business intelligence analyst

-National average salary: $90,585 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A business intelligence (BI) analyst utilizes data to assist organizations in making informed decisions and identifying patterns or trends. They gather data through methods such as data mining and reviewing competitor or industry data. BI analysts also develop BI solutions, collaborate with business users, document requirements, and identify opportunities for improvement.

6/ UX designer

-National average salary: $104,796 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A UX designer, also known as a user experience designer, is responsible for ensuring that a company’s product or service is user-friendly and enjoyable. They conduct market research and analysis on users and competitors to identify ways to enhance product effectiveness. Job responsibilities may include conducting usability testing, creating prototypes, developing user stories as a guide, and interpreting user feedback for continuous improvement.

7/ IT security specialist

-National average salary: $111,788 per year

➡️ Primary duties: An IT security specialist is responsible for developing and implementing security measures to safeguard an organization’s systems and data. They assess existing security systems, identify vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations for updates or changes. Job responsibilities include conducting ethical hacks to test the effectiveness of security measures, regularly updating systems, communicating the status of the system’s security, and writing code fixes to address any identified vulnerabilities.

8/ Front-end developer

-National average salary: $112,186 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A front-end developer is responsible for coding and programming the client side of a website for an organization or individual. They utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an intuitive and visually appealing site. Additional responsibilities may include developing features to enhance the website, optimizing the design for mobile devices, ensuring brand consistency in design choices, and documenting project requirements.

9/ Software engineer

National average salary: $117,849 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A software engineer or computer programmer is responsible for developing computer software. They apply mathematical analysis and computer science principles to create innovative software solutions. Other job responsibilities include installing software systems, conducting testing on new software, managing the software development lifecycle, collaborating with team members on projects, and resolving any software bugs or issues.

10/ Data scientist

National average salary: $124,512 per year

➡️ Primary duties: A data scientist gathers and reviews large sets of structured and unstructured data to assist organizations in solving complex problems. They are responsible for sorting and organizing data into usable formats. Additionally, data scientists set up data infrastructures, develop machine learning algorithms and predictive models, generate reports, and create visualizations to effectively communicate their findings.

11/ Cloud engineer:

National average salary : $124,592 per year.

➡️ Primary duties: A cloud engineer plays a crucial role in creating and implementing company policies for cloud services. Their responsibilities include migrating existing applications to the cloud, developing cloud applications, and troubleshooting errors. They are also responsible for ensuring the functionality of data storage and providing recommendations for improvement. In addition, cloud engineers offer support to clients by addressing their cloud-related queries. Furthermore, they play an essential role in educating team members on implementing new cloud technologies.

12/ Full-stack developer:

National average salary $124,755 per year.

➡️ Primary duties: A full-stack developer is proficient in both front-end and back-end development. They have expertise in creating servers and developing user interactions on websites. Their duties include building the front-end website architecture and developing back-end website applications. They also focus on ensuring cross-platform optimization and checking the responsiveness of applications. Additionally, full-stack developers are dedicated to addressing the needs of consumers.

13/ DevOps engineer:

National salary $125,772 per year.

➡️ Primary duties: A DevOps engineer, also known as a development operations engineer, plays a critical role in helping organizations build functional systems and enhance the overall customer experience. They collaborate with software developers to identify and resolve production issues. DevOps engineers conduct root cause analyses for production errors and deploy updates to improve system functionality. They also build tools to minimize errors and implement integrations as requested by customers.

14/ Computer vision engineer:

National average salary : $133,348 per year.

➡️ Primary duties: A computer vision engineer utilizes algorithms and computer models to replicate human analytical processes in artificial intelligence. They analyze vast amounts of data through software to identify patterns and insights. Collaborating with the data science team, they participate in research and development, explore unstructured data via image processing, and deploy computer vision models to meet client requirements.

15/ Back-end developer:

National average salary: $156,960 per year.

➡️ Primary duties: A back-end developer is responsible for creating and maintaining the technology infrastructure that powers servers, applications, and databases. Their main focus is on the server-side of applications to ensure a seamless and functional user experience. Back-end developers collaborate closely with front-end developers to establish project objectives, brainstorm new program ideas, and troubleshoot issues as they arise.


The field of programming is constantly evolving, offering exciting opportunities for those with the right skills. This list of the 15 most in-demand programming jobs in 2024 gives an insight into the diverse and promising career paths available.

Whether you’re drawn to artificial intelligence or cybersecurity, there’s a programming role waiting to challenge and inspire you.

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