Team spirit, a lever for performance and innovation

Team spirit: Driving performance and innovation - Pentabell

Having a team spirit means showing altruism and solidarity with the members of your group. In the context of a company, it is the combination of human and professional qualities; each collaborator acts jointly within their team to achieve common objectives.

Defining team spirit as a value is simple, but understanding and applying it can sometimes be a complicated task. Becoming an efficient and high-performing team requires practice.

The significance of teamwork differs for you compared to your teammates. The aspect of teamwork also varies greatly depending on the nature of your work and the types of challenges you face. Just as not all jobs require or benefit from teamwork.

Why is it important to develop team spirit within the company?

All the great achievements in the world have required perfect cohesion. Business leaders in the industrial era understood that teamwork is essential to achieve profitable results quickly. The most successful and high-performing companies advocate for collective success rather than individual achievements.

Having a team spirit is not limited to complex tasks; it can involve starting a professional project together, playing football, moving a sofa up a flight of stairs, etc. It’s a form of support or complementarity.

Several scientific studies have proven the importance and tremendous impact of teamwork and team spirit on both the company and its employees. Cooperation among team members remains a key factor in success.

American financial analyst John J. Murphy, author of “Pulling Together: 10 Rules for High-Performance Teamwork,” states that teamwork is essential for a company’s success. According to him, “Each individual has unique gifts, talents, and skills. When we bring them to the table and share them for a common purpose, it can give companies a real competitive advantage.”

Team spirit can benefit your company and employees in various ways:

  • Better problem-solving:

It’s no surprise to you that working in teams results in better problem-solving. Science reinforces the idea that several brains are better than one. “We found that groups of three, four, and five people outperformed the best individuals,” explains Patrick Laughlin, a researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“We attribute this performance to people’s ability to work together to generate and adopt correct responses, reject incorrect responses, and process information effectively.”

  • Increased innovation potential:

According to a recent report from consulting firm McKinsey & Company, teams composed of members from diverse backgrounds (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.) are more creative and achieve better results (up to 35%) than more homogeneous teams. Instead of considering a problem from your individual perspective, you get a 360-degree view, which can lead to an exponential increase in ideas.

  • Happier employees:

In a study conducted by the Australian company Atlassian on teamwork, the results from a sample of 1000 team members (active in various industries) revealed that when mutual respect, honest feedback, and open-mindedness are encouraged, team members are 80% more likely to experience better emotional well-being. Having happy employees is a commendable goal in itself, but the company also benefits. Research conducted by the University of Warwick in England indicates that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

How to develop team spirit in the company:

Having employees with a strong sense of team spirit helps to facilitate conversations, projects, meetings, and collaborations. Here are some tips for fostering this spirit within the company and among employees:

  • Have a common and clearly defined project:

It is essential to clarify the project and its context so that team members can cooperate effectively. They know where they are going and what they need to do if the rules are clear and easy to understand. Since they share the same cause, it will be easier for you to foster genuine teamwork and mutual support.

  • Encourage inclusion:

Ensuring that everyone feels involved at work is a crucial step in fostering team spirit. By ensuring that your speech is inclusive or that group activities are enjoyed by everyone, as a leader, you are fostering team spirit.

  • Lead by example as a manager:

You can more easily persuade your team to follow you by setting an example. Do what you would like your team to do. As you are the team leader, they rely on you, so you are the best person to guide them. Your leadership will help team spirit develop and endure.

  • Have regular (face-to-face) meetings with each team member:

Make sure to meet regularly with members of your team to assess project progress. Analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Take this opportunity to congratulate them so that they feel appreciated and motivated to work as a team. Additionally, organize private one-on-one meetings with your team members to allow for the disclosure of more personal information, whether from your perspective or theirs.

-Team spirit, a fundamental value at Pentabell:

All united to overcome obstacles

At Pentabell, we support inclusion; we believe that an innovative team should not only include highly qualified executives. On the contrary, it is necessary to integrate different profiles to turn it into a real driving force for proposals. It happens that the most creative ideas come from the driver or interns. For us, inclusion is very important; it allows us to aim for common objectives and cultivate a sense of belonging and therefore team spirit.

For example, at Pentabell, we never hesitate to make praise and positive feedback an integral part of our company’s daily and weekly routines. We use all available communication channels, such as email or social networks, to congratulate our colleagues on their achievements and publicly recognize them. This practice has allowed us to promote open communication within our teams and to strengthen the bonds between members.

Within our organization, team spirit manifests itself in various aspects; we organize monthly activities of various kinds: sports team building, artistic team building, adventure team building, workshops, seminars, themed evenings, it’s really varied. This has helped to improve productivity and strengthen the bonds between our employees thanks to the friendly atmosphere. Our teams share fun and warm moments and experience positive emotions outside the usual context.

“Alone, we go faster; together, we go further”

-African saying

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