Team Building: a major ally for employee performance


One of the major concerns within a company is to improve team cohesion. Team Building is one of the practices that favor this spirit and that tends to become more and more popular in the corporate culture. It is about creating common experiences in order to deepen and strengthen the bonds between team members.

Organizing such events contributes not only to increasing the motivation of the employees but also to minimizing and/or resolving internal conflicts. Depending on the level of team cohesion that the company wishes to achieve, various activities can be considered.

Here are some good reasons to integrate this practice into your company’s strategy.

Strengthen team cohesion

Team cohesion activities

This is the most obvious reason to organize team buildings! To unite employees around a common project, for a day or half a day. Organizing events consolidates and deepens the relationships between employees and boosts their productivity. Weekends, outings, or even activities such as an “escape game”, allow teams to get closer and experience warm moments outside the usual work environment. A close-knit team is the foundation of a company’s success. Team building offers many perspectives: creativity development, introducing a new way of thinking “out of the box”, creating a new group dynamic ….etc.

Fluidify communication

Team building

Working in a team means first of all communicating, but we are different and so is the way we communicate. One of the advantages of efficient team building is developing skills, and communication is one of them, it becomes the keyword within the relationships.

Indeed, to win the majority of team-building games, communication must be effective. The participants naturally learn to work together more efficiently, get to know each other in a pleasant environment outside of the strictly professional environment, and interact better with each other while wanting to win. Each employee will be able to express his or her desires and perceptions of his or her role within the team.

In addition, it fosters a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and willing to interact and collaborate, and resolves latent or open conflicts.

Develop team spirit and collective intelligence

Team Building activities- Pentabell

There are many types of team building, we are talking about sports team building, workshops, adventure, artistic team building, and seminars… whatever the type, these activities all contribute to reinforcing the feeling of belonging and team spirit, as well as giving meaning to communication and solidarity. Employees are encouraged to express themselves in a fun and relaxed way. They are able to break down the communication barriers that have been built up through difficulties encountered in the workplace, which prevent communication and thus develop freedom of speech.

Boost team motivation

Team building considerably strengthens motivation, both individual and collective. Each employee is encouraged to surpass himself and to put his own motivation at the service of the group.

Thanks to team building, employees interact with each other, which creates a positive work atmosphere. In fact, a team that communicates effectively has little room for conflict and drama, both of which can be detrimental to their performance. As a result, working in a supportive environment motivates employees to perform at their best.

For example, in sports team building, teams sometimes win major championships, they celebrate and have fun, which motivates them to want to win even more. This extreme example shows that the celebration, encouragement and fun that accompany each team-building event can motivate employees to go to the next level!

Recognize qualities and unleash leadership potential

Team Building is a real sharing moment, where employees share their experiences, opinion…. It strengthens bonds while giving employees the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better.

Some employees are isolated or overly focused on their work, resulting in a lack of communication and a toxic environment. In order to understand what each person brings to the company, to know their talents but also the responsibilities they are entrusted with, and to increase their involvement within the organization, dialogue, openness and sharing are necessary. Some of them could even become excellent managers, which would be advantageous especially for small companies.

In a more relaxed and creative environment, you may find that employees have hidden skills that were not discovered in the office. Leaders can emerge from the simplest of activities and may surprise you.

Team building within Pentabell, a story of culture

Team building Pentabell algéria

At Pentabell, team building is part of our culture. By taking our employees out of their usual contexts and functions, we seek to bond them, to allow our teams to mix and interact differently.

It’s more than just fun! The entertainment aspect is certainly essential but we make sure that our team building activities combine personal and professional enrichment while keeping the fun. This is why our events meet several conditions:

-The playful aspect (fun activities for everyone),

-To create links between employees to strengthen team motivation,

-Discussing interesting topics to develop soft skills.

It is also an additional opportunity to remind our values in a playful way. These events that we organize on a regular basis have allowed us to improve our company culture and provide a space to understand the desires and needs of our employees. Sometimes our culture may not match that of our employees. Finding common ground is therefore an important step in creating a healthier environment. Through these activities we have been able to eliminate toxicity and foster a good understanding between different members, and increase successful collaborations.

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