How hiring a recruitment agency can help your Business

How hiring a recruitment agency can help your Business

The question is as clear as it’s direct: what is a recruitment agency? What are the strengths and key services that a recruitment agency can offer to its clients? At what point does a company – small, medium or large – feel the need to call upon this type of agency to expand its team? As you can see, there is no lack of questions. To enlighten you. Pentabell answers all your questions.

What is a recruitment agency?

What is a recruitment agency

In today’s era, many companies of different sizes and sectors call upon recruitment agencies, like Pentabell, to succeed in their hiring. As soon as the need arises, the recruitment agency does everything possible to ensure the success of its hiring mission. It takes care of all the steps of the hiring process, from the precise description of the position (detailing all the tasks to be performed) to the choice of the various candidates who could meet the demand. This is why it is important for the company to provide the recruitment firm with all the information concerning its search.

As its responsibility is at stake, the recruitment agency must be quick and efficient, in order to save the client company time and money. Indeed, if the candidate(s) are quickly operational and efficient, they will also save the company money.

In the same way, recruitment agencies can play a real role as advisors to both companies and candidates. They help with the writing of CVs and cover letters. They explain to candidates how job interviews are conducted and give them advice on how to succeed.

How do recruitment agencies work?

The recruitment firm carries out the hiring process in its several stages. It starts by writing an ad that scrupulously corresponds to all the company’s search criteria. If necessary, it does not hesitate to ask questions to the  company to obtain additional details. The recruitment firm then places its ads on various sites specialized in job search (LinkedIn, beestalent…) in order to attract the attention of a maximum of potential candidates. This allows us to receive the largest number of applications and CVs in order to have a wide choice.

The firm then selects the different profiles according to experience, skills and training. The information is always verified to ensure that it is true. The selected candidates are then invited to an initial interview to define their personality. Then they take some tests that help to know their abilities more precisely. These tests may include an interview with a psychologist, a computer test or a written test.

the recruitment firm then analyzes the results of the various tests in order to select the people who best match the company’s values. These candidates are then presented to the firm, and the recruitment agency makes comments on each one, in order to help the firm choose.

Reasons To Hire A Recruitment Agency

Reasons to hire a recruitment agency

Today, the process and steps of recruitment can be very time consuming for companies as well as for candidates: job offers, interviews, selection… It can sometimes be difficult to find candidates in phase with the mission proposed, as well as with the values and DNA of the company. There is a solution to all these problems: the recruitment agency! It allows the company to outsource its recruitment process and thus avoid all these time-consuming tasks. 

Here are the good reasons to use a recruitment agency for your company:

You have reached a hiring ceiling

This is usually the case when the company can’t find the type of profile it needs, because it’s very complex or it’s not in its area of expertise.

In other words, you have reached a ceiling. The detection of such a problem, when the company starts receiving mediocre candidates for a new position or the HR department openly warns of its lack of expertise with the mentioned position. 

Using a recruitment agency in such circumstances helps both to speed up the process and find the best suited candidates. You can integrate them into your current workflow in a number of ways for efficient results:

  • You outsource the entire recruiting process to the agency, so they have complete ownership of a position. They source, qualify and submit candidates directly to you for an interview. 
  •  Entrust them with the sourcing process. They source and pre-qualify, but arrive in your pool for an additional round of screening before the interview process. 

You are looking for highly specialized talents

Internal HR teams often struggle to find highly specific and technical engineers or developers. The constant evolution of technology and the specialization of talent has made it increasingly difficult to identify. 

Using a specialized agency that focuses on industry or certain positions can help you find “hard-to-find” talent. In particular, if you work in an industry that is somewhat or fairly technical, and your HR teams often have difficulty finding the right profiles (Devops engineer, Eic control technician, vulnerability management system, etc.), they often already have talent pools to draw from and call on technical recruiters who know about new trends and technologies that you can use. 

You’re building a team in another country

With the development of remote work, small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to imitate what large companies have been doing for ages: creating nearshore and offshore teams to support their headquarters.

Nowadays, it is complicated to venture to hire people in other countries. That’s why it’s essential to tap into the right talent pools, technology hubs and structures. 

Using an experienced recruitment firm gives you access to a very large network of high quality profiles on a global scale, and helps you shorten the time it takes to build your team. Among the services offered are:

-Finding candidates.

-Providing HR managed solutions.

-Finding offices and complying with tax and national laws.

-Some partners have specific programs that help companies set up and grow, such as the build-operate-transfer model.

Your demand far outweighs your supply of internal recruiters

This is the case when a company experiences a sudden surge in growth or when new investors arrive and the company needs to recruit.

The demand far exceeds the number of positions the HR team can handle, whereas they usually had a certain number of positions they could handle on a recurring basis.

As a result, the whole process starts to atrophy and negatively slow down the business. 

Delegating recruitment to a partner or agency, helps the HR team meet the recruitment need without recruiting internally and without compromising their hiring process. This results in much shorter recruitment cycles, outsourcing hiring acts as an escape valve and provides additional recruitment power to the HR team.

The advantages of using a recruitment agency

A time saving solution

A time saving solution

By using a recruitment agency, the company saves a considerable amount of time, thanks to the delegation of all the time-consuming tasks that lead to the hiring of the future employee. And allows your HR department to focus on human capital management.

Entrusting the recruitment of your talents to an agency means outsourcing this process: 

The recruitment firm takes care of all the steps of the process, from the search for candidates, to the evaluation of their skills, going through agencies like Pentabell, allows you to access a large pool of talent. Who knows: maybe the new employee you need is already in our database!

Search for a candidate in secret / Anonymous Hiring

Discretion is paramount in this type of recruitment. Outsourcing the recruitment is an assurance of confidentiality, as well as neutrality throughout the process.

Benefit from an advanced expertise

The first advantage of a recruitment firm is its expertise. They understand the issues and expectations related to each position to be filled. They have effective research tools and internal files. Recruiters are also familiar with social networks and press announcements. They are able to provide you with the best advice in the field of human resources. 

A money saving solution

Speed means savings. Using a recruitment agency allows you to get the most out of your expenses, but also to spend less on recruitment. 

At first, it may seem more expensive. However, taking into account all the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that companies are winners when their recruitments are managed by consultants in recruitment agencies.

However, it should be taken into account that each firm sets its own rates, which may vary depending on the type of service you want to benefit from, but also the profile you are looking for. 

Limiting risk-taking

Using a recruitment agency limits the risks involved and the recruitment errors: you have more chances to recruit the right people.

Candidates are well evaluated, both on their business skills (hard skills) and on their personal aptitudes (soft skills).

The expert approach provided by the firm guarantees the match between the selected candidate and your corporate culture. The candidate identifies with the company’s values and therefore integrates better.

Take advantage of a controlled process

Do you need experts in your field of activity? But you lack the necessary skills or perhaps the time to do it yourself 

A recruitment agency is an alternative that helps you stay focused on your core business.

Thanks to our international expertise and our methodology, at Pentabell we simplify the task by taking care of:

  • The distribution of the job offer on different media and channels.
  • Answering questions from potential candidates and getting feedback from them on the ad.
  • The drafting of rejection and convocation emails.
  • The organization of interviews.
  • The selection of the short-list of candidates after each step.
  • Contacting the references of the young talents.

In the same way, the faster the candidate integrates your company, the faster your activity progresses.

Different Types of Staffing Services Provided by Recruiting Agencies

Temporary or Contract Staffing

Many businesses seek temporary or contract workers to meet seasonal or temporary spikes in demand. They are unable to commit to hiring a full-time or part-time employee but require additional assistance to fill lost work due to maternity leave or increased demand during tourism or holiday seasons.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Temp-to-hire staffing services have grown in popularity in recent years because they benefit both employers and employees. Temp-to-hire solutions enable a company to hire a temporary employee with the intention of hiring them full-time if certain qualifications are met. Similarly, the employee has the opportunity to determine whether the workplace environment fits their personality and whether they are qualified to perform the job.

Once the employee has successfully integrated into your workplace and the temporary contract has expired, the company has the option of extending an offer for a full-time position. It is the candidate’s choice whether to accept this full-time position and continue working for the company.

Direct Hire Staffing

Direct hire staffing is not as popular as it once was, but it is still useful for many businesses that need to fill permanent, full-time positions quickly. Because candidates are pre-approved and vetted byPentabell, this method of hiring candidates is far more efficient than the traditional hiring process.

Our team  will consult with your company to determine what skill sets you require. Once this is completed, we will match a candidate with your company’s required skill sets and workplace environment, providing a candidate with prior experience. Each approved candidate will be interviewed by your company, and you will be able to make an in-house salary offer.

Payroll Services

Pentabell’s Payroll program allows you to hire employees without putting them on your company’s payroll. We handle everything: benefits, payroll, taxes, insurance, and any other administrative burdens associated with putting an employee on payroll.

This service is beneficial for businesses that may not have the administrative burdens associated with traditional payroll or are not set up to take on as many employees as they currently have, which is common in industries that fluctuate with each passing season.

Need a recruitment agency? Work with us today!

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