Pink October, Together mobilized to fight against breast cancer!

Pink October:Together mobilized to fight against breast cancer!

Approximately 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime¹. That’s about 150 people a day².

Daily life becomes increasingly difficult for people living with this disease. Whether it’s coping with the diagnosis, following the treatment or recovering from the cancer, it’s a very difficult ordeal to endure!

Every company must recognize the impact and importance of this diagnosis on the life of every employee.

Every year during the month of October, Pentabell encourages all of its employees to undergo breast cancer screening. Because when breast cancer is detected early, cure rates are much higher¹.

At Pentabell, we have always had measures in place to raise awareness and fight against breast cancer. This awareness is part of our workplace wellness strategy. This strategy has allowed us to create an inclusive organizational culture that values all our employees.

The fight against breast cancer at companies: how to mobilize?

We can all make a difference, from raising awareness to supporting those who are ill. Here are some ideas to help you get involved.

Educate your employees about breast cancer

Each week during the month of October, you can broadcast and make available to your various employees

-An awareness video.

-An information brochure on breast cancer such as the one from the Ruban Rose association.

-The organization of an initiation workshop on breast self-examination by a specialist.

-The organization of virtual conferences with a local association.

This is one of the practices that Pentabell implements every year: in October, we focus on internal communication (emails, organization of awareness workshops, poster campaigns in our premises, distribution of brochures … etc.).

The implementation of a support policy for sick people

You can, for example, contribute to the care and integration of employees with breast cancer:

-By joining the Cancer@Work community of committed companies and supporting the integration, job retention and quality of life at work of people with the disease.

-Through specialized associations, you can offer educational workshops on beauty care.

The organization of a sports challenge in favor of an association

You can propose a sports challenge to your employees, the concept is to practice a physical activity in order to accumulate a sum of money to the benefit of associations fighting against female cancer.

Encourage the collection of hats, scarves and even hair:

By organizing a scarf and hat drive at your company, you can help people with breast cancer. The idea? To ensure that women with the greatest need have access to the hats, scarves, and accessories they will need during chemotherapy.

As part of this collection, raise awareness about the importance of hair donation, which allows associations to produce high quality wigs made of natural hair at a lower cost.

In the end, Pink October is only a month, but the fight against breast cancer must be daily !


¹ 2019. Breast cancer in women.

² Cancer Research UK. 2021. Breast cancer statistics.

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