Nokia Unveils CE-Certified 5G Drone -in-a-Box Solution


In a groundbreaking move, Nokia has emerged as the pioneer in the race for 5G dominance by introducing a turnkey solution known as Nokia Drone Networks. This innovative solution caters to the rapidly growing demands of organizations in the energy, construction, defense, smart cities, and public safety sectors.

Nokia Drone Networks is now CE-certified, fulfilling rigorous EU safety requirements, is specifically engineered to augment situational awareness for professionals utilizing both public and private 4G/LTE and 5G networks. This cutting-edge solution signifies Nokia’s commitment to transforming the industrial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) market and bolstering crucial operations such as search and rescue missions, surveillance endeavors, and a wide range of UAV operations across industries.

Thomas Eder, Head of Embedded Wireless Solutions at Nokia, expressed the company’s vision, stating:

“Our mission is to reshape the industrial UAV market, providing enhanced situational awareness to aid search and rescue, surveillance, and other UAV operations in a wide variety of industries.” By adhering to the remote operation requirements of esteemed aviation regulatory bodies like EASA in Europe and FAA in the United States, Nokia Drone Networks positions itself as the premier turnkey provider with a solution that is skillfully designed and manufactured within Europe.”

The comprehensive Nokia Drone Networks solution, manufactured in Europe, comprises Nokia drones, a docking station, a dual gimbal camera, and leverages edge cloud processing through Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) technology. By harnessing the power of cellular connectivity technologies, Nokia’s solution empowers users with high data rates, minimal latency, and unparalleled reliability, surpassing the limitations of conventional Wi-Fi streaming.

The versatility of this solution shines through as it enables remote operations for search and rescue activities, assessments of hazardous environments, and even the management of autonomous scheduled flights to ensure heightened security during large events or regular remote equipment inspections.

One of the key features of the Nokia Drone Networks solution is the accompanying docking station. This integral component serves a dual purpose, safeguarding the drone and payload from external hazards and inclement weather, while simultaneously preparing the drone for its subsequent flight through remote charging capabilities.

With the integration of MXIE, data collected by Nokia drones can be seamlessly processed in real-time at the edge cloud, thanks to an open API framework that allows agencies and enterprises to onboard pre-integrated Nokia and third-party applications and systems. Moreover, Nokia’s solution fosters seamless integration with third-party applications, thereby enabling the drones to serve as a flying data collection platform, leveraging the unmatched connectivity provided by reliable 4G and 5G edge cloud networks.

Eder further emphasized the transformative potential of this innovation, stating, “The unique feature set enabling the integration of Nokia drones with third-party applications will aid the transformation of the drones, allowing them to be used as a flying data collection platform leveraging reliable 4G and 5G edge cloud connectivity.”

The remarkable capabilities of the Nokia Drone Networks solution have already been successfully demonstrated in collaboration with the New York Power Authority. By utilizing private LTE connectivity, Nokia’s solution was employed for transmission line inspections, setting the stage for the solution’s widespread adoption.

With flight times exceeding 50 minutes and the ability to cover distances of over 30km, Nokia’s drones offer unrivaled efficiency and productivity enhancements, making the Drone Networks solution the go-to choice for industries that demand heightened situational awareness.

Nokia’s groundbreaking foray into the industrial UAV market ushers in a new era of possibilities. By seamlessly blending state-of-the-art 5G technology, cutting-edge hardware, and industry-leading expertise.

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