LinkedIn: 7 hacks that will make recruiters notice you

LinkedIn: 7 hacks that will make recruiters notice you

Having a LinkedIn account and uploading your resume or personal data is not sufficient to get the most out of your professional social account.

In fact, a big number of professionals and job seekers think that by having in account on LinkedIn/ viadeo, or by just updating their profile when they search for a new job, they are optimizing their chances to get hired.

Well, this is a big mistake as most of the communication and social media specialist claim.

Since recruiters are constantly searching on the social media platform and inspecting profiles to find the best candidate for their clients.

This means that when you are contenting yourself with having a basic profile which is nothing else than your online resume, you are missing out a lot of precious opportunities.

 In the other hand when you optimize your profile and make it more appealing and attractive you will not only facilitate your job search journey but will be surprised how opportunities will come knocking your door.

So here are some tips to make your profile easily noticed by a recruiter:

  1. Complete the summary section. 

The summary section in your profile is the perfect place to tell your story. You should use it wisely to showcase your achievements, success and professional goals.

In fact, according to LinkedIn specialist, recruiters consider it the most important section in your profile.

So, use it smartly to make an impact, presenting yourself, talking about your experience, motivations, skills, interests …in an enthusiastic and creative way.

Make this section a beautiful reflection of yourself as a professional candidate.

  1. Add your location. 

your location is an important element of your profile since recruiter’s search by location.

Thus, leaving this section turned off, can make you lose a lot of interesting opportunities.

So, it will be better to add the details of your location, by specifying your city, country, metro era …this will boost your chances and viewability by 23 times according to LinkedIn statistics.

  1. Upload a professional photo. 

According to LinkedIn norms, profiles with a photo have 21 times more chances to get viewed, than those who don’t.

They get also nine times more chances to receive connection requests.

So, the best tip here is to choose a professional and flattering photo presenting you under your best angle.

Try to get the help of your friends, adjust luminosity and contrast if needed and avoid low resolution and weirdly cropped images or ones that figure another person or your pet with you.

  1. Indicate your educational background.  

When you add your educational path, including your schools, university, diplomas…recruiters and hiring managers will easily find you in the search results.

Profiles with completed educational section get 17 times more messages from recruiters then others.

But you might consider leaving your graduation year off if you want to avoid indicating your age to your future employers.

  1. Specify your current position. 

Always try to update your profile according to your current position.

Having an outdated position on your profile is a bad sign for recruiters, who might think that because you didn’t update it, you are not actively searching for a job, or even worse you don’t take your digital presence and e-reputation seriously enough.

So be sure to include your current title, company name and starting date, it’s crucial to have a complete and optimized profile, plus it gives a clear idea on your professional path.

  1. Add your skills.

Skills do not only mean technical or very developed competencies it means also all your soft skills including public speaking, negotiation, active listening, high emotional intelligence, empathy ….

All these elements count and can differentiate your profile from other candidates.

According to LinkedIn you should include five or more skills to your profile to showcase your great talents.

  1. Specify your industry.

On average, more than 300,000 people search profiles by industry on LinkedIn, on a weekly basis.

Thus, specifying the industry, you work in, or the filed you want to break into, helps you to be more detected by recruiters searching in this specific industry.

This specification help LinkedIn in his process of connecting people with the right job openings, events, opportunities and related articles.


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