Know how to build a strong personal brand in time of crisis

Know how to build a strong personal brand in time of crisis

Today’s global market place has seen a lot of changes and evolution since the appearance of the pandemic and while transformation continues to hit all sectors and fields without exception, every one should adapt himself to the new upcoming landscape by focusing on growth, communication, self-development and continuous learning. 

Thus, everyone may feel like we’re about to face a future of work that is very different than today, we will shift toward more flexible schedules, remote work and high transition between industries. Even if this means, it will be more difficult to grow in your career, but there will be always a way to build and strengthen your personal brand.

Here are some tips to create and foster a personal brand that lasts through critical times and uncertainty but that will also help you grow and get better opportunities.

1. Focus of self-learning and get certifications.

The Future is by definition uncertain and mysterious, so no one knows how tomorrow working market will be like, but we are certain that it will need continuous learning on the job, commitment and self-dedication.
In order to gain those skills, learnability is the key component of success.It means the desire of each one to keep learning new things, enhancing his visions and getting more expertise in his field to be able to grow rapidly in your business.Keep looking for free courses, certification or paths related to your post and spare some time each day to have an hour or two of self-learning, this will help you grow, get more valuable knowledge and advance in your career.Certification and online diploma are a great way to enrich your CV and get more opportunities to be hired.To improve your learnability skills in uncertain times, take your time to find unique topics talking about the current market or industry and dig to find the most valuable subjects for your job.  

2. Create or update your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your professional visit card it is the basic element to build your personal brand and digital e-reputation.
So, after understanding and setting your career mission, you can start building your digital brand.
This brand will help you promote your values, achievement, skills and expertise.
If you have already a LinkedIn profile, don’t forget to review each time you gain new skills, experience or knowledge, keep it updated and remove any irrelevant or outdated information.
Have a professional and appealing profile image, a complete description and don’t forget to get recommendation from your old bosses, coworkers or network.
Make your profile relevant for today’s market.

3. Utilize audio and video element to enrich your CV.

Each social network platform host streaming videos directly on their sites. This means extra exposure but it is also a good way to show your skills and talent in a unique and creative way.
You can show your talent in term of public speaking, storytelling, communication and even leadership.
If the video format isn’t something you want to do or make you anxious, you can use podcasts, write short posts or use infographic to show your opinions, skills and values.
For example, you can start get familiar with podcasts through tools like that make it very easy for beginner to start podcasts with little equipment, using tolls as simple as a phone.  
The most important thing is to be brave and daring, try to learn new things, find a new way to market yourself and build a strong personal brand that stand out of the other candidate and make you get the acknowledgement and awareness you deserve.
Uncertain times and the ever-changing future will need more flexibility, adaptability and resilience.
The most valuable candidate or employees will be the ones who are willing to learn, adapt and get aligned with the market needs and by starting to build and strengthen your personal brand you will succeed to promote yourself to the position or marketplace that needs you. Discover our related topics and career tips by hitting the link bellow:

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