Job in demand in 2021: the most wanted careers in the new decade


Lately, our world changed a lot.

After the pandemic the entire world-wide economy started to shake and some industries even collapsed. The employment filed was seriously hit and a big number of companies stopped recruiting and started to fire its own working forces. Many businesses adopted digitalization and shifted to the e-commerce practices.

Few months later, some business succeeded to bounce back, change their working models, but most importantly the working forces changed forever.  

  1. What are the consequences of this on the new decade?

The covid-19 pandemic brought a huge vague of changes in the employment filed. Some jobs that used to be essential became unneeded, while others became crucial. However, one change was international and perpetuated in each filed: the digitalization and technological advancement.

Before the pandemic, people had to work at office, but after that most businesses shifted to the remote work to prevent the spread of the virus and protect employees.

SO, what are the consequences of this change in the future?

The future working places will definitely include:

  • A big investment in employee satisfaction and winless
  • Increasing hybrid roles
  • More focus on skills rather than individual roles
  • Use of contingent workers to increase work flexibility
  1. Predictions of the most wanted jobs in 2021 

Perhaps you are a student or someone in the start of his career and you are wondering which jobs will be in demand in the upcoming years.

Starting by identifying fields with the highest opportunities, will help you better choose your career and ensures you are investing your time and energy in the right direction.

So, regarding the changing working market and the actual booming industries, here is a list of the most demanded jobs in 2021:

  • Hybrid roles

These are not technically real positions, but since that international economy is still recovering and companies are on the verge of gaining strength, they still don’t have the needed budget to hire extra employees.

This means that they need people who can wear different hats at the same time.

These posts are called hybrid roles, they describe people who can perform a lot of jobs in the same time, people who are flexible and versatile.

Hybrid roles will be in high demand in 2021, but people who embrace them must be dynamic and master both soft and technical skills.

For example: a hybrid role will be a recruiter who also help in HR tasks, administrative issues and operations.

  • Data analysts 

Today and after the technological evolution, companies are realizing the importance of data. They are interested to know all their customer’s needs, habits and intentions both on offline and online channels. They want to use that information carefully to craft their marketing strategy and customize their action plans.

There where data analysts interfere. Their main job is to gather the most relevant information from different sources, sort them then interpret patterns and behavior into decisions and plans.

Business analysts give data driven recommendations, based on deep analyses to improve their companies’ business.  

Data science is a large filed with a lot of educational tools but in order to success you need to master google analytics, CRM’s and other reporting tools.

  • Creative and graphic designers 

Graphic designers will be one of the most demanded jobs in 2021 centuries.

Due to the evolution of social media tools and visual marketing, companies will want to launch big marketing campaigns and will need creative people to conceptualize their strategies.

If you are a creative person who craves to lead an innovative and creative career, this is the right job for you.

Your main tasks will include creating new logos for startups, designing user interface and campaigns, developing product layouts and rebranding companies.

Some of the other highly in demand jobs in 2021 include animators, production and multimedia artists and creative directors.

In order to succeed in these jobs, you need to get a better hold of tools like adobe premiere, after effect, photoshop InDesign and more.

  • Marketing strategists 

After a period of slowdown companies are eager to make a strong comeback which is why marketing specialists and strategist will be one of the most demanded roles in the upcoming years.

Thanks to this role, you will be helping companies to navigate their post-corona marketing.  You craft marketing strategies, find the best messages, identify the creative concepts and execute the strategy.

If you choose to be a consultant, you can work as a freelancer or with a company …the possibilities are countless! To succeed in this filed you will need few years of experience, including working for agencies in their marketing department or in individual companies as an in-house marketer.

  • Digital marketing specialists 

During the pandemic numerous companies adopted the digital transformation and shifted their businesses into an e-commerce platform. This says that they will need more digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing specialists are like marketing experts; the main difference between them is that they are specialized in online platforms.

As a digital marketer your job can include tasks going from social media management, to google ads and even SEO….

To succeed in this role, you will need to master not only digital tools but also have a broad knowledge in the marketing field.

Other predictions for highly demanded jobs in 2021:

Some other wanted jobs will evolve around:

  • HR specialists
  • Accountants
  • IT experts
  • Operations managers
  • Web developers

These have been some highlights about the most demanded jobs in the upcoming 2021 century.

The working market landscape will keep evaluating and new emerging jobs related to IT , new technology , AI , automation and robotics will keep emerging while other traditional jobs will despair.

The only certainty is that companies will need more flexible, adapting and versatile working forces and people with capacity to adapt to changes, high EQ, different soft skills but mostly readiness to learn will be the most wanted candidates every company will be looking for.


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