How can you reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn?


Best tips to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn 

Reaching out to recruiters or head hunters on Linkedin is a great way to get seen and facilitate your job hunt… However, you have to do it in the right way! 

Have you been on a long journey of the job hunt? If yes you already know the ugly truth: looking for a job is a tough, long and exhausting process. It is never easy and sometimes it can become overwhelming. 

Although it can be intimidating and difficult to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn it is completely a normal process. Don’t forget that’s what the platform is made for, so be brave and do it. 

Statistics show that almost 94% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find the right candidate. 

So here are few tips on how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn? 

1.     Never start with LinkedIn 

Even if it may sound nonsensical, don’t make LinkedIn your first point of contact! You can reach out to recruiters through their Twitter or Facebook accounts. They will receive a notification with your name and get introduced to you, this procedure will facilitate your connection on LinkedIn later on. 

Recognizing your name and face will be much easier. 

After reaching out to recruiters outside of LinkedIn, try to view their profile and make sure to change your privacy policies to allow them to discover your name and headline, and title. After reviewing your entire profile, some recruiters might send you a connection request before even you think of it. 

2.     Make sure to reach out to the right person 

Before thinking about how you can approach or reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, be sure you have the right profile in mind. 

The right way to look for recruiters is to start by typing the industry name followed by the word recruiter, e.g “finance recruiter”. You can also attenuate your LinkedIn search results by using filters, you can filter by region, by industry, or other criteria. 

The only rule you must keep in mind is making sure that the hiring manager or the recruiter is still active and hasn’t moved to a different field or job. 

3.     Send your resume to the recruiter or hiring manager 

Once your connection request gets accepted, it is time to use a more direct approach by sending an email or a LinkedIn message. 

You can find the recruiter’s email address under the option “contact info” on his profile, if this information is not available send him or her a direct message through LinkedIn. 

In your message, you should describe your experience, qualification, skill set, and what you are looking for in a job, then attach your resume. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter if it would be ok to make phone contact, to better introduce yourself. 

Here is an example of a message you can send to a recruiter: “Hello (recruiter), my name is (x) and I’m actually (job title). I’m working for (company) but I’m now looking for a new challenge or a fresh new start in a new (industry/company).

If you can give me few minutes, I’d love to discuss how my skill set and experiences in the (field) might be the perfect match for the position you’re hiring for. So please feel free to reach to me at (number) whenever you want. Looking forward to chat with you!” 

4.     Use a personalized connection request

After following the previous steps, by this time you should have reached to the recruiter on another platform, checked his LinkedIn profile, and got ready to connect. 

However, even if you feel the urge to hit the “connect” button, hold on! You better figure out what to say before sending your connection request. 

If you want to reach out to a recruiter successfully, you must add a personalized message to your connection request. Would you accept a connection request with no message? Probably no. 

In fact, including a message to your request will give more validity and acceptance chances while you are reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn. 

How to start your message? Well, when it’s about contacting a recruiter on LinkedIn, jobseekers must start with something personal and catchy to attract their attention. You could have a common connection or maybe you want to the same university. 

Here is an example of a connection request sent to a recruiter: 

“Hello, (name), I have noticed you live in California! I grew up and studied there and I miss it! Now I became an accountant officer based in Atlanta and I’m looking for a new opportunity in the finance field. I would appreciate any tip or guidance you can give me. Would you like to connect and speak furthermore?” 

5.     Stay in touch

After learning how to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn, you need to know what happens afterward. 

You must know that reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn will not show results right away, it is a long process that needs to be built with time. Sometimes you may receive the answer “I’ll keep your resume on file” which is not positive feedback.  

However, if you want to make sure that you are staying on this recruiter’s mind: keep in touch with him. 

Don’t be unpleasant and clingy, don’t try to email the recruiter every week to ask him if he or she has a new offer for you. 

Instead, check on him every couple of months in a friendly and casual way. If you come across a new process or trend related to the recruitment industry send him the link with a little note: “This article made me think of you, I hope you are doing well!” 

Keeping a warm and friendly conversation running will help the recruiter remember you, which will help them to remember you as a knowledgeable and great person who is always ready to help. 

This image will picture you as the kind and professional profile each company wants to hire. 

Reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn might be tough and scary, but if you can be professional, friendly, and courteous during the whole process you will succeed to approach them. You may even get a new job and start a new career thanks to your positive and great attitude. 

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