Expert Care, an innovative wage portage mobile application dedicated to Pentabell’s consultants


In its policy of “Digitization of the HR process” and to adapt to digital developments and market demands, Pentabell has developed Expert Care, a platform that allows consultants to easily manage their activity wherever they are at any time.

Expert Care is a mobile office application accessible on Smartphone, which facilitates the connection between consultants and their account managers. It covers a range of administrative, document management, payroll, insurance and consultant support features.

With a simple click, the consultant can query his activity account, view his dashboard, consult his payslips and get instant help from his account manager.

Expertcare, an intuitive, ergonomic and fluid mobile application! it allows mainly, to consultants “worn” by Pentabell to:

  • View the dashboard
  • Enter timesheets
  • Enter expense reports (disbursements and travel) in real time
  • Consult the history and payments in progress
  • Manage and consult contracts
  • Share documents with the relevant account manager
  • Download important documents
  • Stay connected with the account manager

Expert Care is a valuable asset for consultants, saving them time on a daily basis and making it easier to keep track of their accounts. No more emails, all the features they need are now centralized in one application.

Pentabell’s objective is to accompany you and allow you to carry out your missions efficiently and with the greatest possible autonomy.

Please note that expert care is reserved exclusively for Pentabell consultants. It is currently available in Android version and soon in iOS.


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